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Continuing on, yet backing up…


Just a little!  I got so excited about catching up with my last blog that I overlooked some pictures I want to share with you.

May 04, 2016

As so many of you already know, my Sweetheart is wired like an engineer.  He is also an explorer at heart.  (I fondly refer to him as my ‘lil ‘splorer! J) So, while we were at Sloss Furnace (see previous post) we came across a really old steam shovel.  I suppose when I say ‘steam’, that alone should imply it is really old, right?  Anyway, my ‘lil ‘splorer could not contain himself.  The piece of heavy equipment wasn’t completely behind the fence so my ‘lil ‘splorer thought it was fair play.

Up, up, and up he went until he was standing behind the controls as so many had done before him.

He was absolutely giddy with excitement and that, I suppose, got the best of him.  He was not going to let this opportunity pass him by.  Soon enough, however, a couple of security guards came running in his direction, insisting he remove himself.

But at least he can now say he has driven a steam engine… if only in his heart and mind!  That’s my Sweetheart!

Oh, on another note…

Check out this display at the Birmingham Zoo.


Really? Since when has this become zoo attire???  She even experienced some difficulty climbing up the steps onto that platform.  I just had to shake my head in disbelief.  Oh, well.  To each his own, right?

And we had some time to relax…


Guy snoozing…

And take pictures of silly things…


This is wild! Can you find the bug? He’s looking at you!

And the boys found this diner in downtown Birmingham where they/we had breakfast a few times prior to Guy’s treatments…


May 16, 2016

We received an invitation to join Guy and Sue on a visit to see their friends, Marty and Debra.  They own a beautiful lake house on Lake Martin where Guy and Sue lived prior to going full-timing. Marty and Debra’s home is absolutely gorgeous

… as was Guy and Sue’s!

And they took us on a boat tour of the lake.

And, then, we spotted a beautiful painting on the rocks…


After a delicious meal with Marty and Debra, the four of us headed back home to Hoover, AL.  It was an absolutely lovely day, and one that we won’t forget anytime soon!

Be blessed!

8 thoughts on “Continuing on, yet backing up…

  1. Happy to hear all is well. Pass by sometime🍰🍷😄

  2. Great times had by all !!!

  3. Good Morning Honey! Finally, I got to see your pictures and worth the wait. Some beautiful homes, etc.  Thanks! Love,Mom

  4. It looked like Craig was having a blast in that steam shovel! Too bad the security guys had to come out and boot him.

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