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Dis, dat, and de udda…



May 4, 2016

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we were looking for things to do that we had never done before.  We came across Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL.

Sloss Furnaces produced iron for nearly 90 years, which gave rise to the city of Birmingham, AL. Now recognized as a National Historic Landmark, Sloss Furnaces, with its web of pipes and tall smokestacks, offers a glimpse into the great industrial past of the South and our nation.

And what a glimpse it was.  I could just feel, see, and hear the workers back in the day.  Here is a smattering of our self-guided tour through the furnace grounds.

By the way, that skull was left over from a Halloween event that was held at the furnaces. Many events and concerts are booked and take place there.

As if we hadn’t already walked enough, the four of us (Guy, Sue, Craig, and myself) decided to go on another walk once back home.  We came across blackberries that were ripe for picking.

And, of course, I made dessert with them!

I cannot even begin to recall how many years it’s been since I last picked blackberries.  As a child, my father would take all of us kids blackberry picking next to the railroad tracks back home.  From time-to-time we would come across something foamy on the bushes and dad would tell us it was snake spit.  I have never learned if that was the absolute truth, but it did keep us kids on our toes!

May 5, 2016

I was very excited about our date this evening.  Sue and I had this planned for quite some time and the day had finally arrived!  We started out with dinner at Southern Kitchen & Bar in the Uptown Entertainment District in downtown Birmingham, AL.  Our varied meals were very tasty, including the Key Lime Pie some had for dessert.  Then… THEN we all went to see a Celtic Woman concert at the BJCC Concert Hall a few blocks away!

20160505_211155-1 (3)

Yes, I took that photo.  It was the only one I took because, as you know, photography was not allowed during the concert. I have absolutely adored this group for a long, long time and never, ever dreamed I would have an opportunity to see them live in concert!  I must say, they were absolutely wonderful and mesmerizing!  I was just a teeny bit disappointed, however, that Máiréad (the highly energetic violin player) was the only remaining “original” within the group.

May 6, 2016

It had been quite some time since I had been to the zoo.  Any zoo.  As a matter of fact, it had been years.  So, as we were planning our trip to Alabama, Sue had asked what I might be interested in doing when we arrived there.  It didn’t take long to spout, “The zoo!”  For so many years, during the prettiest seasons of the year, I wanted to go the zoo.  I was thinking of the zoo back home… the Houston zoo.  The seasons came and went and I always seemed to let time get away from me.  Then, it was either too cold or too hot or too many kids to bother going.  This went on year-after-year until we arrived in Birmingham and, finally, had an opportunity to visit the Birmingham Zoo.


First, Birmingham is a beautiful place and the zoo was very nice.  We were a tad bit unlucky that particular day in that when we arrived there were school groups there on field trips.  However, that was not long-lived and the place began to clear out soon enough.  We walked from one end of the zoo to the other and got to see, I think, every exhibit.



But my favorite was the interactive bird sanctuary.  These beautiful creatures really won over my heart and were so personable…

20160506_144622 (3)

Oh, please don’t poop…. please don’t poop!


This guy was trying to nest in my hair!

20160506_144241 (2)

OK. OK. If you wait just a minute I’ll take your picture!

20160506_143826 (2)

Fast asleep…



… including these playful little guys.



And, of course, Mr. Doolittle had no problem attracting friends of his very own…



May 7, 2016


This morning was time for a little clean-up because we had another date night!


20160507_100950 (2)


We were returning to Alexander City (or thereabouts) to attend a Kentucky Derby Party.  It was held in a 100+/- year old home belonging to friends of Guy and Sue.  It was an honor to be invited and we had a wonderful time!  Craig and I placed a bet on the race… and won!  Well, it was only $18.00, but we still won!  I think our ‘profit’ was $6.00.


Allow me to share some photos of this lovely home…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


They even prepared Mint Juleps for their guests…


20160507_165217 (3)


… but CAUTION!! This is what can happen if you have too many!




Silly, don’t you think! Some of us outgrew this years ago!  (I can honestly say I never fell down.)  Her natural reflex kicked in and Sue tried to catch this guy as he was falling and ended up pulling a muscle.  I’m just glad she didn’t suffer a more serious injury.  Lesson to be learned:  Never try to catch a falling drunk.


And, this is MaryRush.  Yes, that’s her real name.  She’s a true Southern Belle and can really put on that ‘suthun cham’.  She was one of my favorites.


20160507_181941 (2)


And, finally, this is a home across the street from where the party was held.  I was told that someone from Chicago has purchased it and that it needs a lot of tender loving care.  What a work of art!


20160507_190212 (2)

Hang in there with me.  I’ll be back, soon, with more! Thanks for coming along for the ride.

6 thoughts on “Dis, dat, and de udda…

  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures! We love to hear what’s happening with you two. We miss y’all and look forward to your return trip to Texas, specifically the Sutton home in Burnet.

    • Hi, ya’ll! Thanks for the comment. I love sharing what’s happening with us, I just can’t seem to always find the time… and then I feel badly for not blogging. I keep trying, though. I haven’t run out of steam yet! All the best!

  2. So good to be hearing from you again. Your Aunt Doris would be absolutely ga-ga over that home in the final photo.

    • And it’s so good to be hearing from you! I do enjoy writing, it’s just finding the time. After all, retirement doesn’t necessarily come with much ‘free time’… LOL! I hope all is well. Tell everyone HELLO!

  3. I haven’t been commenting a lot – but following along! The Kentucky Derby party sounds fun – we used to go to one every year when we lived in Louisville KY area! We even hosted once! What fun! One year I went to the Derby – again – a lot of fun! Love the Celtic Women – would love to see them in person! How exciting! Glad you are writing again!

  4. Yes, we’ve had many good times, Kelly, and I am enjoying writing again. You know how it is… sometimes ‘life’ just gets in the way. LOL!

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