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Where, oh where…



03/31/16 – 04/26/16

Where, oh where have we gone?  Where have we been?  What in the heck are we doing? Well, hang on tight and I’ll begin to tell you!

After repairs were made the day we left San Felipe, TX, we headed to Livingston, TX.  We needed to pick up our mail there, anyway, so we stayed overnight at the Escapees RV Park on our way to meet up with Guy and Sue.  Guy and Sue are friends we met at an RV-Dreams rally in Sevierville, TN back in April 2014, making them unofficial members of our Class of 2014.  I say “unofficial” because are no “official” members, really. As I have mentioned in the past, we are a group of like-minded individuals who attended the above-mentioned rally who went full-time in 2014, and who remain in contact to this day.  Even though we tend to scatter, our paths do cross from time to time.  Sometimes even frequently.

Guy and Sue were at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, AL the first week in April.  This is the location from which Guy would begin his thirty-nine radiation treatments that would continue through May 23.  We spent a week together at Oak Mountain.

What else do firefighters do?

Sue, and Guy... strummin' on his old banjo

Sue, and Guy… strummin’ on his old banjo

The day prior to our moving on down the road, Lee and Tracy (Class of 2014) dropped by for a visit. (So very sorry. I didn’t get any photos.) It was good to finally see them again since we last visited in the Outer Banks about a year prior.  Lee and Tracy had recently spent time in Louisiana with Bridget and Pat.  Although Bridget and Pat are not quite full-timers, we do consider them as part of our Class of 2014.  Bridget is a professional couture cookie crafter and makes the most amazingly beautiful and delicious cookies you can ever imagine.  (Visit her Facebook page here.)  It was so thoughtful and kind of her to send a care package to me and Craig.  Here’s what Craig thought about Bridget’s yummy works of art!

Almost too pretty to eat!

Almost too pretty to eat!

OK. I took a bite... and it's oh sooo DE-LISH!

OK. I took a bite… and it’s oh sooo DE-LISH!

We then moved on closer to the center where Guy would continue receiving his treatments.  Destination: Hoover, AL.  Our “home” for the next six weeks would be at the Hoover Met RV Park.  Sue tried to prepare us by repeatedly telling us that it was “just a parking lot”, but we found it to actually be a very nice parking lot.  We parked at the end of an aisle, door-to-door so that when our awnings were out we had a totally covered courtyard outside our doors.

Being at the end of the aisle provided us with a very pretty view of trees, trees, and more trees which made us feel as though we really were camping in a state park.  We were happy with the location, but even happier that we could be with Guy and Sue and lend them our support.

During our six weeks in Hoover, we had plenty of time to do many things.  Once again, Craig attempted to thin out, clean, and reorganize the basement.

20160415_133404 (2)

20160415_133356 (2)

I can’t promise it still looks as nice as it once did, but an attempt was made nevertheless.  Craig managed to release his grip on many items and we were fortunate enough that Guy and Sue’s daughter, Kristi, agreed to come pick up the excess and take it off our hands.  During the visit, little Craig was in awe of big Craig’s firefighter helmet.  Little Craig was so excited when big Craig asked him if he would like to wear it.  What little boy doesn’t want to be a firefighter!

20160415_191507_001-1 (2)

Too cute for words!

Isn’t this the cutest thing you have ever seen!

Guy seemed to be holding up well through his radiation treatments, better than any of us had imagined, so we ventured out often. We were invited to join Guy and Sue for a church fundraiser on April 16 at White Acres Farm just outside of Auburn.  On the way, we saw this tiny house.  It even has a screened-in porch.  Yes, I could live in it!  So cute.


The farm was such a beautiful place that I’m not quite sure which pictures not to post.  Here are some of the best of the best!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The event was outstanding and a great time was had by all.  Because the fundraiser would take us later into the night than is our “normal” routine, we decided to spend the night in a local hotel.  (Thank you Guy and Sue!)

The next day we returned to our homes in Hoover, but not before Guy and Sue took us to the marina on Lake Martin which is where their last home was located before they, too, hit the road.

The boys kept busy…

20160417_184920 (2)

… and there was always plenty of food!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, Sue and I had a ‘girl’s day out’. We went shopping, had lunch, and played Bunko after dinner with a group of ladies from her church.  I had never played Bunko before and, believe it or not, I came in second.  Again, another wonderful day with lots of fun!

20160426_174800 (2)

Stay tuned.  There’s more to come!

6 thoughts on “Where, oh where…

  1. Nice to hear you’re doing well., us too, just keeping hot😄

  2. Love your notes and comments on your journeys! I’ve really enjoyed them! Take care and keep having fun! love you!

  3. Hey Girlfriend, I’ve been thinking about you!! Glad to get the update! I’ll have to call soon. Need more catchup!

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