This moment in time…

A journal of our travels and how we arrived at this moment in time!

Answered prayers…


Shipshewana, IN

Once again, we rose early and headed straight to the factory. We arrived shortly before 9:00 and walked straight through the front door in to the back where we met Jesse at the rig. Of course, we had no clue what to expect as far as progress. Sometimes, Jesse’s time is not his own. I must say, however, things certainly looked different than they did the last time we visited. With all my lists in hand and after the cordial greetings, I began walking around the rig checking things off. We went over everything with a fine tooth comb. Then, it was… Jesse, can you tweak this? Sure! Jesse, can you tweak that? Sure! A little extra trim here, please, Jesse? Sure! A couple more trim nails there? Sure! Can you drill a hole here for our plug? Sure! Jesse, can you add a little more…? Sure! Can you adjust this, please? Sure! Jesse, I can’t open this window. Can you help? Sure! Done. Done. Done. Done. Done. Oh, and the last window has been replaced! Six hours later, I am so very happy to report… mission accomplished. Yes, everything on our lists has been checked off and the rig is finished!

Next step… PDI (pre-delivery inspection). I just received an e-mail from the Director of Service & Warranty, Sherry, who said the rig will go to PDI on Monday; however, PDI probably will not happen until late Tuesday. I replied that we need a day to clean the rig (more on this to follow), two days to move in, three days travel time to get home, and we wanted to be on the road no later than this coming Friday, January 29th, at the very latest. So, I could very easily see things going this way… Monday – clean; Tuesday – PDI; Wednesday – close on rig and begin moving in; Thursday – complete move-in; Friday – leave town; Saturday – 2nd day of travel; Sunday – arrive in Livingston; Monday – register rig, inspect rig and truck, and complete final leg of our journey home. Now, that is how I would do it. Let’s see how it really goes down! I explained our timeline in my e-mail and stated my plea, requesting that everyone make the most efficient use of time over this next week. We shall see how that goes.

As far as cleaning the rig, yes, I want to clean it. Here’s the deal… we all know how much people care about their job and providing excellent customer service nowadays, right? Ain’t happening. I’ve lost all faith. So, I would rather they just stay out of my house, and let me clean. Period. I would still have to clean up after them, anyway, right?

And, we just need to get home. Kelly and Bill will be passing through Texas on their way out west on February 4th, and not only do we want to see them, but we just need to see them. We all need a hug. I love Bill’s hugs, and Kelly loves Craig’s hugs, and I love Kelly’s hugs, too! Bill and Craig don’t hug. LOL!

Remember “Jesse”? Well, I have permission to reveal his true identity. His is one of the original Carriage employees and has worked in the RV industry for more than 30 years. Interestingly enough, he has sulky raced competitively for the past 23 years. His horses are his solace after a long day in the factory. He said the first thing he does when he gets home from work is visit his horses. They keep him sane. Without further ado, I am very happy and pleased to announce who I believe is the best RV tech in the entire world… Marlin!

20160122_144523 (2)

See that box on the far end of the counter? That is a goodie box from my mom in Texas. She baked for two solid days, filled up the box, and sent it USPS… along with a thank you card to Marlin. (Yes, she is that excited about the rig finally being finished!) We were sweating the delivery (after all, it was sent via US Postal Service) and kept making phone call after phone call back to the hotel waiting for the package. Nothing. Eventually, the hotel called us to let us know the box had been delivered, but to the wrong address. Did I know where Shipshe Harness was located in town? Of course! So, off I went. It was already 1:00 and the plant crew leaves for the day at 2:00. I was on a mission.  I walked into Shipshe Harness and the guy said, “When I saw Craig’s name on the package I was wondering how it got delivered here!” Lo and behold, this is the gentleman we met a while back and who we helped with turkeys for Thanksgiving! So, everyone here, it seems, knows our name! By the way, Craig’s goodie box was held up in South Bend, IN. Mom sent him one, too, for his birthday which is Monday!

Marlin was taken aback, for sure. He loves sweets and when he opened the box and began to realize what all was in it (including pralines!), his grin grew wider with each individual package he picked up. When he saw the Snicker Doodles, he stuck one in his mouth and was quite happy, wishing he had another cup of coffee. He deserves every bite, I must say!

After leaving the plant, we celebrated this major milestone by having lunch and sharing an ice cream sundae at Dairy Queen!

20160122_153540 (2)

Sure, it’s obvious that I am more excited about introducing you to Marlin than anything else right now. Yes, a huge burden has been lifted and I have seen the proof with my own eyes. All repairs/mods are finished. So why am I not jumping out of my skin with excitement? I can answer that in four little words 1) the 2) last 3) seven 4) months.

The Auction Restaurant (where we stripped earlier this week) will be open for business tomorrow.  We already have an invitation to have breakfast there and then attend the horse auction. Afterward, we will go to the local Amish grocery store and load up on herbs, bread flour, and other miscellaneous items as we begin preparations to wind down our journey here.  All I can say is… it will certainly be bitter sweet!

This week will be crazy busy so I will post updates as I can. Thanks for visiting!

10 thoughts on “Answered prayers…

  1. That ice cream sundae looks fabulous. Congratulations on all the good news. Be safe and have a fun trip back to Texas. And for Craig….it’s a little early but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you…and thank you for making my cousin’s dreams come true. Happy trails to the both of you…………………..

    • Hi, Melissa! Yes, that sundae was good. That’s why I’m glad it was a petite sundae. LOL! I read your message/birthday wishes to Craig. It brought a smile to his face. And what a sweet comment! It brought a tear to my eye! Please give everyone my love!

  2. Glad to finally see Marlin, Jo! He has a lot of wisdom and experience…you can see it in his eyes. I love the color of your cabinets and tops. Very warm and inviting.

    Glad you aren’t traveling this week. The southern end of Jonas is rocking us down here in Florida, even though it’s just rain and wind here. Definitely not good fifth wheel hauling weather. Please be safe on your trip to Texas! 🙂

    • Thank you, Jim. The rig turned out really nice. Except what couldn’t be helped (i.e., the design/floor plan), we got everything we wanted and more. And, some things we are just going to have to live with. At the same time, I’m sure we can overcome the things that are different for us in comparison to our other rig. At this point, it’s all about give and take. For example, we’re getting an extra bathroom and a dishwasher. Nice!

      • I think you will like those extras! I know that there rarely are any ‘perfect’ floor plans out there…and when there are, they change them! Our floor plan is similar to one that Montana used to have, and we always leaned towards getting one (built in desk and entertainment center in the left side slide). I think they made our floor plan in the year that Deb and Steve bought theirs, and that color scheme was very nice…inside and out. Since then, I wouldn’t give two cents for anything Montana has put out, color-wise. But that’s me. We are glad we found our rig, and even though it is a mid-level fifth wheel, it has been holding up really well…knock on particleboard. 🙂 My building and cabinetry background helps when it doesn’t!

      • Baby Girl was the perfect floor plan for us. We loved everything about her, and everything worked for us the way we had envisioned. Our choice was the result of 2.5 years of research; hence, we bought our 3rd rig 1st. We love the colors of the interior, just wish we had a choice of exterior color. It’s too dark for us, and we hope that doesn’t prove to be too big of a negative. They have discontinued some of the best floor plans. That’s OK. It will come back to bite ’em all in the arse! 🙂

  3. Yay! I know how excited you both are to get going! Take it easy and don’t rush. It’ll all be waiting for you!

    • We should get our new home later this afternoon. No doubt we’ll be working late into the night cleaning and unpacking. Yes, looking forward to it… after all this time. Seems surreal, for sure!

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