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A journal of our travels and how we arrived at this moment in time!

And we were stripping…


Shipshewana, IN

Well, we finally landed a job! Since we live here now (LOL!), we thought it was important to do something a little more meaningful with our time. We recently received an offer we just couldn’t refuse, and we started work yesterday. What are we doing, you ask? We are stripping! Yes, you read that correctly!  Stripping! Craig and I have done nothing of the sort before, especially as a couple. We felt the time was right as we might be here for… who knows how long, and doing something meaningful is better than just killing time. It will certainly give us a chance to meet more people, put a smile on their face (I hope), and be a little more social than we have been in recent days. Getting outside one’s comfort zone is always a good thing, right?

As previously mentioned, our first day on the job was yesterday. We found out early on that stripping is a physically demanding job! I had a pretty good idea what we were in for, but never knew just how physically demanding it would be. Especially at this age! I usually have difficulty getting to sleep at night, but I am happy to report that I was dozing off before 8:30 last night. Yep, slept like a baby!

Early to rise this morning at 6:45, we were eager to report for duty. Everyone was so pleased with our performance yesterday that we were invited back today. We knew today was going be another good day, and it was! Someone even threw us a tip. Yes, it really happened! Even though we have learned a lot in our first two days, all good things must come to an end, right? Tomorrow just may be our last day… stripping. The physical exertion is just way too much for these old bones to bear!


Let me back up. I may have erroneously omitted one important tidbit of information. We were stripping wallpaper at the Auction Restaurant across the street. The same folks who own the hotel also own the restaurant, among other things around town. We received a call from Brian asking for our help after it was discovered that a water valve broke in their restaurant, covering the entire restaurant with 20,000 gallons of water! Needless to say, it’s repair/reno time! We were there will bells on. Really!

Fate had us just where we were supposed to be… helping these awesome people.  I can prove it.  The walls were talking to me.  LOOK at what I uncovered…


After arriving back “home” at the hotel, we nuked a nice dinner in the room. De-lish! Popcorn chicken nuggets, asparagus, and beets. Pretty good for a do-it-yourself hotel room meal. With dinner over, I popped a Bit-O-Honey in my mouth and… voila! My crown came off. GROSS! So, I proceeded to send Brian a text asking for his assistance with a dentist tomorrow. He’s on it! (Thank you, Brian.  You rock!)

Finally, I received a status update on the rig this evening. It is believed that if the final window comes in as the vendor has promised, our rig will be ready this Friday, or Monday at the latest. Then, it will have to go to PDI (pre-delivery inspection) which we were told should take 3 days. Then, we can move in. Not what I reported before, but close.

Stay tuned for more silly nonsense…

8 thoughts on “And we were stripping…

  1. I’m glad I was able to skip a supervisors meeting at work tonight. Found your blog and read it from start to finish. Although my dear wife made me stop to eat. What a journey you have had. Lots of the folks who comment on your blog are known to me as I follow a few of their blogs. Your class of 2014 are a really good bunch. Wish we were part of them. Right now we are looking at going fulltime in 2019. Suppose there is a fair chance we might move that date up a little.

    You are an amazing couple to be handling the events with your trailer. I am coming back to the blog next week to check to see if everything was done on the trailer. I’m saying a prayer for you guys tonight that you will have your “new” home soon. You earned it.

    On a side note, the guys at the Kansas RV Center told me Lifestyle is making changes for 2017. They claim they are going to a lighter rig with the frame changes with Lippert.

    See ya next week.

    • Welcome, Mark from Missouri! (I almost want to ask what you’re wearing… khaki’s? Recall: TV commercial.) Your prayers are working. Thanks! And I have no doubt you will be moving up your freedom date. The time will arrive sooner than you think. Begin preparations NOW! Yes, the Class of 2014 are truly a wonderful group of people. Feel free to PM me any time with any questions you may have. I read some of your blog. Thank you for your service!

  2. LOL!! Yup, by rv friends are strippers!!! If I talk about that — I’ll really get some looks!! LOL. That was one way to get people to read your post.

    You are building some truly great friendships through all of this. What a blessing you are.

  3. Whew! Ya had me worried for a minute there! So nice of you to help out, but then you two are awesome! Bummer with the crown, but glad to hear more positive news with the rig!

  4. Funny! I always considered Craig “stripper” material!

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