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Loss for words…


Shipshewana, IN

I mentioned in my last post that we had an appointment to meet with Jesse this morning. We slept well last night (surprisingly), got up early this morning, got dressed, had our coffee, ate a small bite (goldfish and coffee), and headed off to the factory. We arrived a few minutes early, but upon arrival I noticed the parking lot was pretty empty. While today is MLK day, the appointment was made for us so we assumed they were open for business today. And they were. But, we found out soon enough that a water main to the building’s sprinkler system had busted. Yes, you read that correctly… A WATER MAIN TO THE FACTORY’S SPRINKLER SYSTEM HAD BUSTED! (No. I do not write for SNL!) Unfortunately, the air compressor which operates most of the worker’s tools was in the same room and was out of commission. Consequently, the workers could not do much of anything without air (or tools) and, therefore, most were not working today. Really?

If you will recall, when I spoke with the General Manager last week I was told, “The rig is finished…!” That is, except for the half-bath door being installed, and they are waiting on the emergency exit window that was shattered in transport. He also said, “The toilets have long been received and installed.”

We walked in and met up with Jesse. Yes, Jesse was one of the few at work today. Now, please understand, Jesse has absolutely nothing to do with all the empty promises or erroneous information we have been fed… repeatedly. He has absolutely no control over what management does or says. He just does an excellent job for us, and that’s what matters.

As we walk into the rig, we immediately swing open the half-bath door that has been installed, and see the toilet (the correct toilet, this time) sitting on the floor in a position I’ve never seen before. Upon further inspection, the front edge of the toilet was touching the side wall. OK, I’m standing there looking at it going, “How is that going to work?” Since that will be DH’s bathroom, for the most part, I set my brain in motion (to the extent I could rev it up that quickly) and try to visualize DH, whose height reaches 6’ 3”, straddling the toilet that way. Where would his knees go? Depending on which way he straddled the toilet (like a toilet or bidet), one leg would be crammed up in a corner against the wall but, luckily, the other leg would be free to stretch out into the open area. Neither one in a natural position. I was in shock and speechless! My brain went into overload and became jumbled immediately upon impact of the visual I had just received in my brain. So, while standing there staring at this strange encounter, completely paralyzed from brain overload, I remained quiet while trying to reverse engineer this set-up as I tried to figure out what made Jesse install the toilet this way! I continued to stand there and listen to Craig and Jesse’s conversation, just to learn that… Oh! Are you ready for this? BOTH TOILETS ARE NOT INSTALLED! Just the one in the master bath. That was such a relief, that I needed to relieve myself! I eventually learned that in order for the toilet in the half-bath to be set, the pre-fab (so-to-speak) hole in the floor will need to be enlarged, and that just hasn’t been done yet. Good. I can relax my brain now.

But, contrary to the words of the General Manager, the rig is not finished. Even though the replacement window has yet to be received (and now I’m wondering how long that will really take), and even though a LOT has already been accomplished, there is still quite a bit of work to be done. Will we make it home in two weeks? I don’t think so, because I will be here, crying my heart out, and screaming to the world… CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME? I’M AT A LOSS FOR WORDS!!!

8 thoughts on “Loss for words…

  1. All I can say is “I’m so sorry Honey”. Praying the next few weeks will go by in a hurry and you and Craig will be home with us. Hopefully, all this trouble will just be horrible memory.  Will the day ever come till you are on the road again? Love you,Mom

  2. Maybe they will hear this, Jo. Someday, we will be purchasing a new rig. It will not be a Lifestyle. We really liked yours when we saw it in Goshen at the rally, but the way they have treated you? No way.

    Again, stay the course. You will get through this. We will keep up the prayers.


    • Jim, don’t count them out, yet. “Lifestyle” has been exceptionally good to us. Sometimes it’s just the people, and some have already lost their job because of our situation. As unfortunate as our situation is, I have never heard of another manufacturer taking care of their customers as Lifestyle has. Seriously. And, I hate to break it to you, but I’m learning we are the rule in the RV industry, not the exception. The entire industry needs help. So breathe. When you see our new home you might just change your mind! Maybe we can hook up somewhere down the road so you can see for yourself! Promise?

  3. Way too much material here for a mere skit. There’s a book here, for sure. I’m thinking something like, “The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank”. Erma Bombeck, God rest her soul, could have done wonders with these scenarios. You’re doing pretty good, yourself. Maybe you are a budding Fanny Flagg.

    Just a little humor. Not bashing the Lifestyle folks. We’ve met several of them and always came away being fairly impressed with them; not to mention the beautiful Lifestyle coaches. Stay the course! God Bless, Pat K

  4. So sorry to hear of yet another delay. I keep anticipating good news, you have been so faithful and so patient. Not sure I could have shown your resilience. Prayers for a quick and final resolution.

    • Hi, Ruth! Good to hear from you!! I’m getting ready to post the most recent update. Prayers are being answered, for sure. Thanks, and look forward to meeting you and Dale somewhere down the road!

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