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Happy Independence Day…


Shipshewana, IN

Well, a Happy Fourth of July to everyone!  I know my family is gathering back home in Texas to celebrate the Fourth, as well as my Aunt Rose’s birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, AUNT ROSE!!! I was fortunate to be able to Skype with most everyone today.  It was just like being back home with family.  I truly enjoyed our visit, even if it was over the phone! We wish we could be there in person to help celebrate with you, but the road was calling!

Craig and I are celebrating the Fourth from our fourth room in the same hotel in beautiful downtown Shipshewana, IN.

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Yes, we are still here, but the good news is that the hotel manager has graciously and voluntarily reduced our room rate, again.  That certainly takes a little of the sting out since we have been here so long, and will probably be here at least through next week.

I told Craig yesterday that you know you’ve been somewhere long enough when you know your way around town, and the surrounding towns, as well.  When you can drive with your eyes closed to the only Chinese food restaurant in the next town over, again, it’s time to move on.  But, we have no say in how long we will be here.  Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we have been trying to break the monotony by getting out as much as we can… or feel like.  Last Friday, we drove to the cute little town of Angola, IN, about 32 miles from Shipshewana.

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We had lunch at Sutton’s Deli, apparently a very popular eating establishment on the square in downtown Angola…

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… before walking clear across town to the opposite side of the traffic circle (LOL!) to the Coachlight Coffee House where we enjoyed a freshly brewed latte and shared a lemon coffee cookie!  Very nice, clean, and relaxing coffee house.

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Next door to the deli was “The Strand” theater, and a few doors down was the Brokaw 1 & 2 Theater.  Yes, there are TWO movie theaters in this town of roughly 8,600 residents!  The Brokaw 1 & 2 Theater, which opened in 1932 and is currently undergoing renovation, caught Craig’s eye when he spotted electrical wiring hanging from the ceiling of the front porch.

20150626_131949These type of things always pique his interest, so he had to stop and chat with one of the workers.  I tell ya, in case you don’t already know, my husband is chatty!!!

20150626_132013We also did something we don’t ‘normally’ do.  We made reservations to see Josiah for President last Saturday at the Blue Gate Theatre. The story line is about an Amish gentleman being elected POTUS. The acting was very good, it held our interest, and we enjoyed it very much!

No pictures during the show, please!

No pictures during the show, please!

Afterward, we dined at the Blue Gate Restaurant and shared a meal featuring some of the Amish favorites.  It was OK, but we would rather be eating our own food… at home!

Note:  While the meal was not necessarily anything to rave about, it is our understanding that if “Amish” is put at the beginning of anything, it sells.

On Sunday, we had an opportunity to return to Angola to visit Buck Lake Ranch. First order of the day, the Menno Miller Group. This group consists of two Mennonite families, including their children, who led us all in song and praise.

20150628_105059-1  Afterward, the sermon was delivered by a real cowboy…

20150628_110537… featuring an unruly horse (not the one above) that had been delivered to him for training just the night before.  Very interesting concept.  If you have the data and/or bandwidth for the following 3-minute video, watch and listen carefully as I clipped the most important part of the message that I feel applies to all of us.  I know it does to me!

(I hope I inserted the video properly so you can see it.  I’m not the most tech savvy individual, you know!)

We killed two birds with one stone. There is a lot of history here in that Buck Lake Ranch is referred to as “Nashville of the North”.  This venue attracted almost everyone who was anyone in country music during the 1940s through the 1970s.  (It is barely legible, but notice that Jesus Christ is at the very top in the center.  It’s there for a reason!  So cool.)






Guests performed on Buck Lake’s rustic stage at least once and, most, many times. The stellar lineup included early rock-n-roll pioneers, comedians, television and movie stars, gospel singers, and jazz and big band musicians, as well as a couple of former heavyweight boxing champs who refereed popular wrestling matches at the park.  As far as country music, singers such as Bill Anderson, Jimmy Dickens, Loretta Lynn, Ray Price, Connie Smith, and Marty Stuart, to name just a few, also performed on this stage. [Information taken, in part, from]

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While at the ranch, we participated in our very first Amish Sunday lunch.  For a donation, we had shaved ham, colby cheese, beets, pickles, and homemade bread with homemade Amish peanut butter, a ‘staple’ in these parts of the world!

20150628_122006After nearly 7 hours at Buck Lake Ranch, we finally decided to call it a day.  What a fabulous day it was!  The weather was perfect and the experience was awesome.  Next, please!

Repair Update

I am sad to report that our time and experience at the warranty repair center did not go well this past week.  It is impossible to wrap my head around the fact that nearly everything these techs touched was worse after the repair than before.  It is beyond obvious that they do not care or take pride in what they do.  This could be due to several factors, but none are acceptable in my book!  It must be a sign of the times, but unacceptable nevertheless!

Thanks for coming along for the ride.  Until next time…

12 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day…

  1. Jo,

    It is amazing to us that the manufacturer hasn’t figured out what a good PR person you were for them, and that they should be bending over backwards to please you. We feel terrible for you and Craig!


    • I didn’t think about that perspective Jim! But you are 100% right!
      That’s an angle you need to work at the factory, Jo!

    • I hear you loud and clear, Jim, and you are absolutely correct! As a matter of fact, your comment prompted me to send the warranty repair center an e-mail and in it I included your comment. I don’t think they realize I can make an impact in the RV world… good, bad, ugly. However, I don’t think anyone should have to push their weight around to receive proper and timely repair service. Unfortunately, what we are experiencing is ‘par’ for the RV industry across the board (for the most part), and from time-to-time it gets even worse! I just expect more from Lifestyle, for obvious reasons, and so should they. Stay tuned!

  2. Happy 4th! Hope you are on your way soon!

    Live🌴 Love😍 Laugh😺


  3. I’m so sorry that you are still waiting!! Darn! We waited last year 5 months for ours to be fixed! Luckily we had our home still. Looks you are finding lots to do while waiting. Loved the farm what a great experience!!

  4. I can not wait for you to have your “independence day” from the repair shop! Praying for you. Hope you’ve found a good library where at least you can get a good book or 2.

    We organized our basements this week end!!!! You understand what a feat that was! 1 1/2 garbage bags!

    Praying for you

  5. What a beautiful little town that was. I love all the brickwork. Looks like you are enjoying the area, even if you would rather head out. That’s all you can do. RV repair is a pain. Our black tank valve issue is still an issue. Instead of being stuck somewhere along the way, we’ll deal with it when we are back in AZ in November where they supposedly “fixed” it. I hope you’re on your way soon!

    • Oh, Deb! Of all the valve issues to have, it’s with your black tank? Now, that’s a lot of crap! (Sorry! Just couldn’t help myself!) I just submitted my final repair list, but still not holding my breath. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… stay tuned! Safe travels, my sweet friend!

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