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Someone get me outta here…


Shipshewana, IN

We stayed up late last night and woke up late this morning… to rain. It eventually cleared up, somewhat, but we had already decided to go to the laundromat. Yes, you know how much I hate laundromats, but I suppose they are a necessary evil. Two weeks in this hotel and, well, it was time. Luckily, there was a laundromat nearby so off we went.

There were only a couple of cars parked outside so I thought, “Oh, cool. Not busy!” We gather up all of our stuff, walk in the front door, and… oh, geez, the place was packed and nearly every single solitary machine was either taken or out of order. It was full of the Amish population! I’m not sure why, but I always thought they did their laundry at home, but I guess not. Someone in the area had even told me recently that they visited a local Amish farm and they were washing their clothes with one of those ringer washers. Why I thought all Amish washed their clothes that way, I don’t know. I suppose it’s ignorance on my part. Maybe I should do a little more homework.

Things were rocking along just fine and all of our clothes were already in the dryer when I noticed this sign inside the laundromat:

20150625_133246Do you see what I saw? The sign reads:

You are allowed to wash HORSE BLANKETS AND PADS in our washers, but “PLEASE” do not dry them in our dryers. When using washers for horse blankets “PLEASE” let an attendant know which one was used so we can clean it out for the next customer.

Really?  No, REALLY??  NOW you know why I don’t like washing my clothes in OPs washing machines! If our clothes start itching us, we’ll know it’s because they are interwoven with horse hair.  YUCK!!!

After returning to the hotel to drop off the laundry, we headed back over to Lifestyle to inquire about our screen door that needs to be replaced, among other things.  While there, Craig was not too happy about several issues including being told that three windows that need replacing were ordered just recently and would not be received for another 3 weeks.  Really?  We will be long gone by then!  He was also told that Lifestyle would have to send the windows to a dealer wherever we happen to be at the time so the dealer could install them. That means an additional inconvenience of having to pack everything up and head to another repair shop somewhere down the road… for however long the replacements will take. Needless to say, we are not happy about that! It seems as though one minute we are imagining everything is going to go better than we expected, and the next minute we walk away scratching our heads. No telling how this is all going to work out, but I will post a full report when all is said and done.

After leaving the repair shop, we headed back to the hotel and, once again, walked next door to a local café for a quick, light dinner. On the way I received a weather alert on my phone to expect wind gusts up to 60 mph and quarter-sized hail. Good thing that was for an area about 20 miles away. However, after the seeing this…

20150625_172304 20150625_172351

… I began to wonder what in the heck! Lucky for us, it passed us by. Our Baby Girl was safely tucked away in the shop, but I certainly didn’t want dents in our truck! I’m considering this near miss another God wink for the day!

After dinner, we finished wandering through the Antiques mall I mentioned yesterday. Ummm… it was like déjà vu all over again! We saw many items in there that we gave away when we left home, like…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And I also saw these!

20150625_163040For the low, low price of $895.00, you could have both of them! Just for you, just today!

And, check these out!  How in the world could anyone get their foot in these?  Three of my fingers are wider than these ladies shoes!

20150625_171055_001And I really wanted this…


Primitive well drawing bucket

But Craig said, “No!”  I just thought it would make a really cool conversation piece. And, besides, I have been looking for something to put our shoes in just inside the front door because I’m tired of tripping over 4 pairs of shoes, some of them size 13s! I love things that are out of the ordinary and this would foot the bill perfectly. The answer is still no, but maybe (just maybe) he will change his mind tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Someone get me outta here…

  1. Jo,

    Are you still going to try for Mackinac Island? We are currently headed to St Louis to see friends for a long weekend..we passed about 30 miles west of you. We have family coming up to Northern Michigan around the 4th, but there is always the chance we might be close enough to stop in and say “hi”, depending where you are parked. If not this time, we’ll meet up down the road. Good luck with Baby Girl!

    • Hi, Jim! Mackinac Island is no longer on the radar, I’m sorry to say. On Friday we were promised we would have Baby Girl back today, but not a peep from the repair center so far. Just goes to show… well, I will just leave that topic alone. When you come back by this way, let me know and, depending on what “state” we are in, maybe we can meet up somewhere. Safe travels!

  2. I like the bucket…tell Craig I said he should let you get it 😄

  3. Well, at least it’s very clean horse hair! Oh, those clouds looks somewhat familiar! Glad it all worked out well. Hope the repairs are speedy too.

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