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A journal of our travels and how we arrived at this moment in time!

Waiting it out…

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Shipshewana, IN

Craig was up, out, and about early this morning while I slept in. Just a tad! He had an appointment at a local Ford dealership to troubleshoot an issue we experienced recently. I had opened the visor mirror on the driver side and there were some drops of water around the bottom of the mirror. A few days later, and after a bad rain, Craig noticed water dripping out of the pull handle on the passenger side. Craig tried to find and fix the leak himself, but we were unsure if his attempt was successful.  Since we are in a holding pattern with our home, we figured we would use our time wisely and get it checked out by Ford. After trying everything they could to get the area to leak, no such luck. Apparently, Craig fixed the leak! While at the dealership, they managed to snap part of the guide rail back into place around the back window (we couldn’t get it to snap), and they were kind enough to add coolant rejuvenator to the radiator. The display on the dash has been telling us it’s time. While we fully expected to at least pay for the coolant, everything was at no charge! That money will go toward our hotel room, instead. Nice!

After Craig returned to the hotel we went to have lunch at the Fireside Café. It is a nice little restaurant within walking distance, so off we trotted. Well, walked! We don’t trot. (v-I-s-U-a-L!)  As we approached the back door, there was a lot of commotion and we suddenly felt threatened!

LOL! I just had to share that with you! Do you see her eggs in the rocks?

After lunch, we visited Yoder’s Hardware store which is located in the same building. It was a nostalgic place of sorts and had everything from A-Z. After I managed to create the domino effect on a display right smack dab in the middle of the store, and after a kind lady helped me pick all the pieces up off the floor, I turned around to see this.


Do you think someone was trying to tell me something? Not sure I would rather be a monkey’s butt, or a horses patooty. You be the judge!

On the hotel property stands a huge barn-like building that has a huge sign “Antiques” over the door.  We have been wanting to go check it out, so on the way back to the hotel we wandered over.  On a trailer outside, we spotted this beauty!

20150624_14370220150624_14374120150624_143802If anyone is interested, it’s for sale!  If you are seriously interested, I took a photo of the contact information, so let me know! It was nap time, so we cut our visit short and will come back another day.  After all, all we have is time!

Later today we spoke with Todd at the warranty repair center who informed us we will not be getting out of here this Friday. Instead, it will not be until next Thursday. Ugh! Oh, well… we just want to give them every opportunity to get everything completed… and get it done right! Here’s the silver lining… Lifestyle has offered to pay up to $100.00 per night for a hotel room for every night we go over this Friday night. As you know, next Friday is a holiday, so I can only imagine they don’t want to pay for any more nights in a hotel than they have to. Consequently, they have pretty much put pressure on themselves to finish up our repairs no later than next Thursday.

Mackinac Island, MI has been on our bucket list for a long time, but… Once we empty our storage unit back into the house and get settled in, we have until July 16th to get to the next stop on our agenda, Pennsylvania. It’s going to be a tight squeeze, but can we do it?

Stay tuned!

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