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The Unsinkable Baby Girl…


Shipshewana, IN

Well, let’s see… this is a record for me. I am going to try and change things up a tad… like post sooner, for cryin’ out loud! The real reason is I want to share with you some excitement we had recently.

We were in a campground here in Shipshewana (in a ‘holding pattern’, if you will) waiting to take our Baby Girl in for warranty work on Monday.  While checking-in we were told that we would have to move to a different site at some point during our stay because there were four couples coming in who all wanted to be together. The campground was overfilled because there is an Open Range (a brand of RV) rally going on here, as well.

Further, and to assist the guys at the repair center, we felt it would be easier for them if we just emptied our basements so they could access everything more easily. Consequently, we had to rent a storage room at a nearby facility. In order to not have to pack up and move our home twice, we made good use of our time by going to storage and offloading everything and then moving to our new site all at the same time.

While at storage, we encountered a horrendous storm. I received a weather alert on my phone that said to expect hail. I prayed, “Oh, Jesus, please don’t let it hail on us!” Well, prayers were answered, and no hail. When the rain stopped, we finished offloading everything and returned to the campground.

Upon arrival at the campground, the severity of the storm was obvious. I even said to Craig, “Look! The water is running down the road and across some of these sites.” Yikes! (We later learned it did hail at the campground, causing damage to some vehicles and RVs. There is a reason we missed it all!)  Well, we pulled around to our new site which, luckily, did not have water running across it. So, of course, we think… oh, this is good! As is our usual routine, Craig is outside directing me via our cell phones and I am backing in. Craig’s main focus was to keep the truck from going into the grass in front of me as I made my turn. To make a long story short, here’s what happened.

Uh, oh!

Uh, oh!

Yes, we were scared! Our home weighs 19,200 lbs. and is 13’6” tall. It looked as though it was going to tumble over, and it could have easily. I was also imaging it falling on someone! But, in the nick of time, Craig just so happened to recall how to program our Bigfoot levelers to come down one at a time, and on the side where we needed them to hold up our home to prevent a disaster.

It is not unusual wherever we go for people to come out to see our rig and watch us park this behemoth. It draws even more attention when they realize a girl is behind the wheel! But on this particular day, I swear… 600 people were out to witness what had just happened. And everyone was scared for us.

Believe me when I say… RVers are the most awesome group of people to know and have by your side even as complete strangers! All of a sudden, there were guys showing up with shovels, a sledge hammer, and 2X4s over their shoulders to help us out. They immediately starting digging under the tires and then hammering the 2X4s underneath for traction.

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Another guy pulled up in his Ford 350 and hooked up to us, but not before these guys offered to give it their best shot!

Their fun-spirited impromptu rescue certainly lightened the stress, if only for a few moments!

Their fun-spirited impromptu rescue certainly lightened the stress, if only for a few moments!

Here is a video of getting pulled out…

It took probably about 45 minutes to an hour to get out of that mess, but we did, and we are so very grateful to all who came to our rescue. To all of those who worked hard and got all nasty and muddy, to the ladies who came over to distract me from what was happening and take me on a walk in search of a drink, to those who came with years of experience in getting people out of these ruts (pun intended), to the gentleman who approached me to say he was praying for us, to the rescuer who looked me straight in the eyes and told me not to worry because he has spent years getting people out of these situations (it was his job), we would like to send a big THANK YOU to all! The majority of these people were part of the Open Range rally and all I can say is… YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Even though we have moved on to another campground, Craig and I showed up after dinner last night at the rally with several bottles of liquor and mixers as a small token of our gratitude and appreciation for all they did for us.  They were very excited and, needless to say, a good time was had by all. We blended in very well with everyone and stood around chit-chatting 90 miles per hour until 9:30P.

As far as we can tell, the only damage was to the “T” handle of our grey tank where it was hit with the sledge hammer, and a small ding to the sidewall. We are very fortunate as it could have been an absolute disaster.

More prayers answered. God is good… all ways and always! Need I say more?

Until next time…

10 thoughts on “The Unsinkable Baby Girl…

  1. Glad it turned out good!

  2. RVers are some of the best people in the world – so happy you had people there to help you out! So glad the damage isn’t too bad – could have been so much worse! Let us know what they say at the factory!

  3. So glad you got out and aren’t Open Range owners the coolest 😄

  4. Wow, that is scary! It looked like you were having a block party around your trailer with all those people around. I am glad to hear that you got out without any major damage.

    • Thank you, Jim! It was more than a block party, but I just can’t even begin to describe it. We were certain our home was going to flip. Praising God it didn’t! Hope you and Barb are doing well!

  5. Oh man! reading this post and seeing the video really makes your ordeal come to light!!! Praise god in many ways!!! No wonder you were exhausted the next day.

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