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Rainy days and Mondays…


Waves, NC

… don’t always get me down.  As a matter of fact, rainy days always give me a good reason to get caught up on my blog!  So, bear with me.  It’s gonna be a long read.  (Sorry, sis!)  And, besides, it’s a good reason to use as much of my already paid-for data as I possibly can before the new month begins on my Verizon account.  I am always losing data I don’t use, so before my next billing cycle begins at midnight tonight, I need to get these photos uploaded.

Note: I have decided to go back to the automatic slideshow format (in certain instances) for the simple reason that people’s faces, for example, are cut off if the viewer does not click on a group of pictures to view them in their entirety. (Can’t have that!) Thank you for your patience as I get this all figured out.  LOL!

Today we are experiencing a lot of wind and rain, a direct result of Tropical Storm Ana.  So, not such a good day to go outside or do much of anything else.  The wind and rain has been messing with us all week, but we have managed to get some things done in-between the showers.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me back up to our last stop where I left off.  Prior to leaving our last stop in New Bern, NC, we rode our bicycles downtown…

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… and popped into the Cow Cafe for a sweet treat.

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Bill also made reservations for all of us to take a sunset cruise onboard a locally-owned sailboat, Two Peas.  Our hosts were Captain Les Pendleton and his lovely wife and First Mate, Susanne. Unbeknownst to us at the time, Les is a Master Storyteller and Acclaimed Author, with a long career in films.  (FYI: His website is Les and Susanne are a delightful couple and we enjoyed their sunset cruise very much!

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Before packing up and calling it ‘a day’ in New Bern, we made one last trip to the laundromat.  You know how I feel about laundromats, but Craig was there to offer his help and support this time around. All is well that ends well.

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The next day we continued on a northern route to Hatteras Island…

20150415_092113 (2)

…via the North Carolina Ferry System.  Our first ferry ride took us from Cedar Island to Ocracoke Island.  The crossing took approximately two hours.

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Upon arrival on Ocracoke Island, we took some time to visit Zillies Ocracoke Island Pantry for some suds and a quick snack.

20150415_132431It was quite chilly out, still, but luck was on our side!  The pantry had gas fireplaces on the outdoor patio for our comfort.  Nice!

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After leaving Zillies, we made our way to the next ferry which would take us to Hatteras Island or, more specifically, Waves, NC.  Never in my life have I seen such huge sand dunes!

Ocracoke Island - Making our way to the second ferry

Ocracoke Island – Making our way to the second ferry

Upon arrival at the next ferry landing, we had to wait in line for over an hour.  But time is all we have, right?  Of course!  Aside from lining up in the usual manner for a ferry, there are special lanes for special people.  Since this ferry is free of charge, residents and commercial vehicles have preference over those of us in (the longest) line.  So, there we sit… napping, visiting, chilling, playing with our silly phones… while we await the arrival of the next ferry.  As the line continues to grow, those of us who are not napping are constantly counting down to see if we will ‘fit’ on the next ferry.  (We had heard approximately 32 vehicles will fit.)  As the time approaches for the next ferry landing, however, residents and commercial drivers show up out of thin air at the last minute, knowing they can get on the ferry no matter what.  So, we begin our countdown all over again, this time including all of those “special” vehicles.  As luck would have it, all three cars in our group made it on the ferry, with one more car to spare!

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Finally, after a glorious day of relaxing travel, we arrived at our destination in Waves, NC. This place is very pretty overall, but I have mixed emotions about it all.  It seems to run hot and cold.  Hatteras Island is a very popular vacation spot for people all over the place, including French Canadians.  It seems like every time I go to the grocery store I hear someone speaking French.  But, aside from that, there is row after row of beautiful rental homes.  Some old, some brand new.  However, right beside many of these beautiful homes are homes that have been destroyed in some manner and abandoned.  Businesses, as well… and trash in the shallow ditches along the one and only road… and graveyards dating back to the 1800s that are sprinkled all over the place, yet no one is looking after them.  So very sad!

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As of this writing, we have been here three weeks already, and will be here until we leave Friday morning.  As of today, there are 14 of us who have met here to reconnect since meeting at an RV rally in Sevierville, TN in April 2014.  Only one couple had their rig at that time.  Actually, they picked up their rig on their way to that rally.  Here it is a little over a year later, and all of us have sold our homes and are now living full-time in our home on wheels.  It is so awesome to meet up with our friends-of-a-feather, once again.  Ahhh, the life!

Last Sunday we all headed back to Ocracoke Island via the 1-hour ferry.  There, we visited a portion of the island where the ponies run wild.  We didn’t see any ponies in the wild, actually, but we did see them in a sanctuary.  We also had lunch on the water, walked around town, visited the lighthouse, and had such a wonderful day.  Nice!

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For the sake of trying to get this update posted before midnight tonight, I have decided to simply show you photos of all the fun we have been having.  I hope you enjoy.  Here’s to the life and all of our sweet, sweet friends.  Cheers!!

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P.S.  In case you are wondering… In spite of our large group, we all get along just beautifully.  Rare, but nice.

We are blessed, and hope you are, too!!

8 thoughts on “Rainy days and Mondays…

  1. I just enjoy the NC outerbanks area usually camping at Hatteras Campground. I just have a short question, I know you are a RV Dreamer will you be attending the RV Dreams Reunion Rally in Marion NC in May? Would really like to meet you two.

    John & Karla

  2. Looks like everyone is continuing to have a blast out there! You guys seem to get along so well and have a lot of great times together.

    • Hi, Jim, and Barb! We had a fabulous time with everyone… more than the law allows. We missed you being with us. Many of us are going to be in Arizona after the first of the year as we head to Alaska next summer. Maybe you both can join us there?

  3. Oh, so much fun! We sure are missing you all. I think we’re just about the only ones NOT there 😦 Sad you won’t be joining us in Glacier, but know how much fun you’ll have with your Spanish family! Yes, I’ll call and catch up with you! We’re back in CA now for a couple of months. Give everyone a big hug from us!

  4. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

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