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Ahhh, and then the rains came…


Where’s Craig and Jo?  Apex, NC

Before leaving Virginia, we visited Colonial Williamsburg a couple of times. There is so much to see and do that we did not really have enough time to do it justice. So, we have decided we will revisit Williamsburg when we have about 3 days to stroll all of the historic buildings. While there, though, we walked the main street, visited the open air market, browsed the shops, stopped to grab lunch and a cup of coffee, sat on benches under the trees… just to soak in the sights and envision what life might have been like back in the day. Even though it was misting rain at times, we still enjoyed our visit.

At the campground, we met and visited with the Shrout family… Gary, Carol, and their daughter whose name I do not recall. (I’m horrible with names, and something tells me that Carol spells her name with an “e”?) They were very nice and we invited them in for a visit and to see our home. Gary and Carol have plans to head to the left coast in the very near future to look at a Class A. Gary would love to full time, but Carol would prefer to keep the family roots planted. That’s understandable, so maybe compromise is in their future?

Yesterday morning as we were preparing to leave, something told me a prayer with the Shrout family was in order. Lo and behold, as we were wrapping things up, Carol suggested a prayer ring before we hit the road. Now, Craig and I always pray before hitting the road, but for this family to want to pray for us was awesome. Thank you Shrout family! Safe travels to you, as well!

We departed Anvil Campground (Est. 1954) in Williamsburg, VA at 10:22A. The weather was great, the view was fantastic, and the trip was leisurely and uneventful. Thank goodness. I was in charge of the steering wheel today, again, and decided we were going to stroll to our next stop. I averaged around 62 mph and we arrived here at Jordan Lake State Park in Apex, NC, just outside Durham, at 4:00P. The length of our trip, time wise, was still longer than we would like, but we had three or four visitor center stops, a fuel stop, and a lunch stop. We still have work to do regarding all of the above, but it all comes with experience. We consider ourselves to still be in training.

State parks are our preference, and this place does not disappoint! We are here mid-week so it is peaceful, quiet, and simply beautiful! We chose a site facing south so we can get satellite. Can’t “glamp” without satellite, right? We are actually facing an alcove just off Jordan Lake (which is huge), but we still have a great view of the lake. Can’t ask for much more than this!

Update: We got lucky in Williamsburg when we made a last-minute decision to visit Bass Pro Shop. There, we found the zero gravity loungers we have been looking for since we arrived in Indiana back in mid-August. I did a quick check to see if the price was lower online because they will usually honor the online price. And, it was! We saved $20.00, but we put that back into a head lamp for Craig. The chairs are incredibly comfortable and we look forward to, one day, just lounging and chillin’ in them! Last, but not least, I also found a beautiful container for our toothbrush and toothpaste that I had been looking for! It was actually hand-made in Canada and not manufactured in China. Nice!

Today, we made a run to Wally World (Walmart) for a few groceries and fuel up for our trip tomorrow. Otherwise, we’re just chilling here today where preparing our weary bodies (and minds) is most definitely in order. Ahhh, and then the rains came. Perfect!

Colonial Williamsburg

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Travel and Jordan Lake State Park Recreational Area

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Until next time…

6 thoughts on “Ahhh, and then the rains came…

  1. Jo, thanks for your kind comments. Being next door neighbors with you was a highlight of our visit. We look forward to following your adventures, and hope to be able to camp as neighbors again sometime soon.

    • Hi, Gary! We enjoyed camping next to you and your family, too, and are hopeful our paths with cross again. Let’s make that happen! Keep us informed on how your trip to the left coast goes. 🙂 Good luck with that!

  2. Thanks Jo! We’ll keep you posted as to how it is going. If we don’t get the one out on the Left Coast, we’ll be poking around at a dealer we like near us. Stay safe out there!

  3. Jordan Lake looks like a beautiful place to stay. I’m definitely looking into it. And thank you so much for your offer to “babysit” me! You both are so thoughtful and sweet! Safe travels back to Texas! We’ll see you there.

  4. Just gotta love zero gravity loungers!

    Diana and Jim

  5. You go girl!!! 62 mph wow! You’re moving right along! Prayed for you two this morning.

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