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Movin’ on down the road…


Williamsburg, VA

It’s been a week since I last posted. I didn’t want to pay the price for waiting any longer (as before), so I am taking this opportunity to catch up. We have covered a lot of miles since last time! We are currently in Williamsburg, VA on our trek back “home” for the holidays. Craig has been wanting to come back here since his last trip at the age of 16. As a youngster, he traveled all across these United States thanks to his grandmother and aunt. Both are gone now, yet the memories linger on. So, here we are!

Before I move on, Greg and Craig finished up the solar install on our new home. Everything is awesome… looks great, works great, and we are anxious and look forward to the days we can live “off grid”. I would like to give Greg and Cori Young ( another shout out for being such gracious hosts, welcoming us with open arms, and doing such a great job! Craig was Greg’s “assistant” and they enjoyed working together on the install. For those of you who are considering getting solar installed on your rig, IT IS A LOT OF WORK for these installers!!! Don’t think you are just going to drive through and, voila, have your solar up and running in no time at all for just a few bucks. There’s a LOT that goes into an installation. A lot of parts and pieces and wire pulling, etc., and it takes time, but well worth every minute, every dollar of it! Greg did a fantabulous job!! THANKS, GREG YOUNG!!! It was not easy leaving Greg and Cori who are up against a cold, harsh winter in PA, but we will certainly meet up again… down the road (February)! Thanks ya’ll!!!

We left Downingtown, PA this past Monday, October 6, and drove straight through to Williamsburg. Not before, however, we sat in the truck… with it running… so we could enter information into our truck’s GPS before we ever left the campground. Information we weren’t even sure about! Craig hunted and pecked and mapped and guessed and entered waypoints to the tune of using up at least $20.00 worth of fuel while we sat there. I was, well, livid, but tried not to show it. How in the world does someone travel like we do and not have a clue where they are headed… even after closing up everything, jumping in the truck, and…??? How well does that work, you ask? NOT WELL! Our very worst skill out here as full timers is trip/route planning. So indecisive! Part of the “problem” is just not having (or allowing ourselves) enough time to plan anything in advance! Anyone who knows me and is reading this right now is probably shocked that I, of all people, don’t have our routing down to a fine science. Well, simply put, there is no time! Either that, or I have become a very poor planner since I “retired”. Come to think of it, I told Craig before we ever left Texas that I have always managed most everything (he hates paper!!!), so I would like for him to do the trip/route planning when we hit the road. His reply? “No problem.” Well, it is a problem! All we have to do now is just figure it out and make some decisions instead of back and forth and straying from one proposed route to another! Please… wish us luck. Better yet, prayer is needed. Please pray for us!

Upon finally leaving Brandywine Creek Campground, I am happy to report I drove the entire way to Williamsburg, VA! We left Downingtown at 10:22A and arrived at Anvil Campground precisely at 7:00P. We set up after dark, but that was OK. It’s a commercial campground so there was lighting around, as sparse as it was. I am, however, pleased to say that we have done a great job of setting up and tearing down along the way. It has never been an issue for us, actually. That is the one thing I was dreading before we ever hit the road, but all is good… in that category, anyway!

The drive to Williamsburg was somewhat uneventful. However… I did have to dodge a gas can that was located smack dab in the middle of my lane, and a mangled ladder that, apparently, many others had been unable to dodge. With the gas can I could not simply change lanes. Another car had taken up valuable real estate next to me. Great experience overall, though! I do believe the Good Lord was looking out for us. I maneuvered around both objects with the greatest of ease. Thank you, Jesus! It was a good day… a beautiful day. For as many travel days as we have had, the weather has been superb! We have delighted in the view through the windshield and the beauty surrounding us. Fantastic!

On Tuesday, October 7, we had business to take care of… like get our new home registered in Texas. Our temporary plates expire on Wednesday. Oh, well. Stuff happens. Craig had already contacted the Polk County Tax Assessor’s office to get the amount of our taxes (we did not pay taxes in Indiana when we picked up our new home), filing fee, and registration. The lady (girl) he spoke with sounded like she knew what she was doing. So, after much paperwork… letter writing, copying, printing, check writing, etc., we headed off to FedEx to send our package, including the large (eh-hmmm) check! Delivery would be the next day… just to stay “legal”. Lo and behold, Craig received a call from a different lady at the tax assessor’s office the next day while we were visiting Jamestown, telling him we still owe $94.00. She apologized profusely for the incorrect information provided from their end, but the lady Craig originally spoke with had calculated the registration fee based on a Class A, not a fifth wheel. So, we cut our visit short at Jamestown and headed for a local Post Office to, this time, send another check via Priority Mail. Both mailings cost us nearly $45.00. We live and learn, don’t we? (We should have sent both envelopes via Priority Mail and saved a bunch of money.) First, customer service hugs these days. I told Craig that, as a society, we are elated when someone does something right. Nowadays, we just expect people to screw things up. And they do. All the time. Whatever happened to people having a minor ability to get something… anything… done, correctly, the first time? Just aggravates the crap outta me! Anyway, second of all, we spent waaaay too much for next day delivery via FedEx. I suppose we decided on FedEx, initially, simply because we cannot always trust the Post Office, right? Kinda like the gubment. Kinda? Ya thunk? Well, that’s all I’ll say. Use your imagination to complete my thought process on that. I’ll forcefully remove myself from soap box now.

As mentioned previously, we spent Wednesday at Jamestown. The weather was perfect, we had a good time, and were really looking forward to visiting the glass blowing house, of all things. I have been wanting to get a (believe it or not) hand-blown glass container for our toothbrushes and toothpaste. Well, we get there and, guess what! They are limited to making just a few items…to sell. No customization at all. And, Craig asked about the old blown glass that had bubbles in it. Nope. Things are commercialized now and they are sent glass-blowing sand with less impurities. Sad. Bottom dollar: money! And so, we move on.

Thursday morning, October 9, we took a harbor cruise. Craig had fond memories of this harbor cruise as a young man, and thought I would enjoy it on this gorgeous day, as well. So off we went. For $25.00 each, the cruise lasted 3 hours and visited the Norfolk (pr. \ˈnȯr-fək) Naval Base (bring back memories of yesteryear, Uncle Ronnie?), Chesapeake Bay, Blackbeard’s Point (where Blackbeard’s decapitated head was displayed on a stake at the point), Old Point Comfort Lighthouse, Fort Wool, and Fort Monroe. We had a very good narrator all along the way, and a snack bar to boot. Good thing! Although the cruise departed at 11:00A, we arrived promptly at 10:30A… without anything in our stomachs. So, I (politely) asked Craig if he would grab a bite for me at the snack bar. He did. I was thinking crackers or something salty. He knows what I can and cannot eat. So, he shows up with a big ‘ol Otis Spunkmeyer muffin. Now, nowhere on this muffin did it say “sugar-free”. And Craig knows that I don’t always tolerate sugar very well. 🙂 But, being the gracious lady I am I ate it… all… hoping for the best. Well, before too much longer, guess what. I’m sick to my stomach. Now, I have been cruising the oceans blue since the very early ‘70s and never, not once, have I ever gotten seasick. I can’t say I was seasick on this harbor cruise, but between the sugar and rocking I… well… got really sick to my stomach. Craig, being the trained medic he is, said, “Let’s go downstairs. It doesn’t rock as much down there.” So, off we go. We get downstairs and, well, the snack bar is down there! Oh, the smell of greasy hamburgers cooking… YUCK! We were told they were “the best burgers within walking distance”. (Get it? We’re out in the water in a boat? Ahhh, come on. Think about it!) 🙂 Eventually, I started feeling much better before tossing my cookies muffin. Lucky me… and those passengers around me! I rehearsed over and over again in my head how I was going to do ‘that’! Never came to fruition. Luckily. I didn’t feel like being humiliated… or sharing! 🙂

Well, I suppose I should wrap it up here. As usual, I’ve been way too long-winded. Instead of a blogger, maybe I should consider being an author? Just sayin’. Hope you enjoy the photos!


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Harbor Cruise

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Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Movin’ on down the road…

  1. Wonderful job Honey! Enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks for the kind words!! Still missing you guys!!

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