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A change of seasons…


Downingtown, PA

I know, I know. Miracles never cease, but here I am again… already! It’s partly because I promised the other day to post the remainder of my photos, and partly because it’s heck getting so far behind.

Since we’ve been here at Brandywine Campground in Downingtown, PA our days have been filled with chores. Yes, I said “chores”! Good chores, that is. We have been building our nest (inside and out) as we prepare for Craig and Jo’s great adventures. The days have been filled with cleaning house, washing clothes, purging clothes, organizing, installing solar and a hard-wired surge protector, etc. You know, fun stuff, and all necessary.

I had to return my Kenmore 2-N-1 vacuum cleaner while in Elkhart, IN because a piece chipped off and I didn’t want to take a chance after we left the area on something else going wrong with it. So, a couple of days ago Craig ordered my new Hoover Presto 2-N-1 vacuum cleaner via Amazon Prime. (Prime offers free shipping on “Prime” items and delivery is 2 days, at most.) So, I plugged it in yesterday upon receipt to let it fully charge and I was able to vacuum with it this morning. WOW! It is built with wind tunnel technology and works so much better than the Kenmore. I’m very pleased. (Sounds like a commercial, doesn’t it!) I vacuumed until the battery ran out which is what I read is supposed to happen to prolong the battery life. It took a whole 10 minutes to vacuum the entire house! (Are you jealous, yet?) As I said… quite pleased! Next, I “mopped” with my Swiffer mop cleaner thingy. Are you ready for this??? Three (3) minutes… max! Alright, I’ll stop rubbing it in now. But, you get the point!

Yesterday, Craig received his Progressive Industries Surge Protector, Model EMS-HW50C. Even though our new home came with a built-in surge protector, the new one is additional insurance, if you will. For those of you who are unfamiliar with a surge protector, it prevents our home (and us) from electrical shock (and worse) should the electrical current become unsteady (so-to-speak) anywhere we plug in. Not all campgrounds have upgraded their electrical systems and we just cannot (and will not) take a chance on a major catastrophe. The reason why we like this particular model is because it is hard-wired behind locking doors in the generator compartment. Other surge protectors must be plugged into the campground pedestals and then into the RV where, being in plain sight, they can simply walk off if they are not “protected” by a lock box that surrounds it.  (They are NOT inexpensive, and well worth the price!) Having a surge protector that plugs into a campground pedestal is just more work when setting up and tearing down. Our hard-wired unit saves us the hassle and extra steps. Gotta keep life simple, right?

A couple of days ago while I was in the house preparing dinner, Craig came running to the door and said, “Dear! Hurry and come out!” I couldn’t imagine what in the heck was going on, but I did as I was told (for a change). I ran out the door, down the stairs, and he pointed up to the sky and said, “Look!” Lo and behold, there was a hot air balloon right above us! So, I ran back up the stairs into the house, grabbed my camera (phone), and ran back out to get some pictures to share with you. Just beautiful… and so close!

About the change in seasons… For those of you back home who are wondering what a change of season (autumn) really looks like, we are experiencing it up here, for sure! I just love it when a gentle breeze causes a major leaf disconnect and they fall, swaying ever so gently to the ground. We are covered up in color. Awesome!

I would like to give a shout out to our friends, Greg and Cori, for being such awesome friends and neighbors. We have worked together, spent time together, eaten together, and sat around campfires and conversed together the entire time we have been here… except for when Cori was traveling for work or working. My heart goes out to Cori for having to get up and leave this beautiful campground to go to work each day, so I baked her (and Greg!) a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread. It was still warm when she arrived home. I asked Greg this morning if Cori had cinnamon raisin toast for breakfast this morning and he replied, “Are you kidding? We ate some last night and this morning!” Awesome!

As a follow-up to my last post, below is a slideshow of the photos I was unable to upload in my last post.

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And more recent photos to bring you up-to-date.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, folks, nothing else to report. I must get busy now and get some real work done. After all, this has taken me the majority of my day.  (Lesson learned!) God bless you all, this great country of ours, and all who have served us so proudly! Do I hear an A-MEN? A-MEN!

Until next time, God bless!


7 thoughts on “A change of seasons…

  1. Thanks again for the blog. The pictures are beautiful. I know you and Craig are living your dream. Way-to-go.

    Love to both, Mom

  2. Love your comments and pictures! Lovely countryside! I’m sure the two of you are loving every minute!

    • Hi, Marilyn! So glad you have checked in, and thank you for your comment. I hope you are doing well after your knee surgery. Mom keeps us updated, you know! Please tag along on our great adventures. It should be fun! Take good care of yourself! And, yes, we are LOVING our new life. We are blessed… extremely!

  3. Oh boy! It appears you are well on your way to achieving your dream… happy for you! Love it, live it…….and thanks for sharing. Talk to you soon. Carolyn & Richard

    • Oh, Carolyn, it is so good to hear from you!!! I realize we are no longer working and should be able to keep in touch, but we are working (otherwise) on getting everything installed that needs to be installed on our new home so we can head south before the white stuff begins to fall. I will do my very best to call ASAP! Tell Richard hello for us and can’t wait to catch up with you soon. Hope you both are doing well… really, really well!!!

  4. Let us know how the solar works! Love the balloon and fire pictures. We will see Trace/Lee and Greg/Cori next week. I know you’re busy, but check out so we can keep up with where you are (via the explore/check in feature).

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