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Just holding on…


Saturday, September 5, 2014

Well, here we are. Still in this hotel. Haven’t gone anywhere. Three weeks holed up here and counting. We were at the 11th hour, thinking we would be moving in our new home on wheels this weekend, but we were just… thinking… again.  Long story short, we still do not have our new home on wheels. The paperwork did not get submitted by the factory to the bank in time to get us out of here. It’s not their fault, though. There is a process that must be followed. It’s just that the clock was ticking and we simply ran out of time. For a while, we were holding our breath. Then we realized, why? So, we gave that up and stopped driving ourselves crazy. There is nothing we can do or change. It’s all water under the bridge now.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Tiara RV has already scheduled a tow truck to go pick up our new home from the factory on Monday morning. Once they get the required inspections, etc. completed, we should be able to do our walk-through (PDI) and move in on Tuesday! And so, here we are. Still in this hotel. Haven’t gone anywhere, yet!

To give ourselves a little diversion, we got out and took a short trip. We had been told about Columbus replica ships, the Nina and Pinta, near Millennium Park in Michigan City, IN. So, off we went to explore. We were surprised to see how small these “ships” are.

Nina and Pinta

Nina and Pinta

And in case you didn’t already know…

The boats, owned by The Columbus Foundation in the British Virgin Islands, tour the western hemisphere together as, “an enhanced ‘sailing museum’, for the purpose of educating the public and school children on the ‘caravel’, a Portuguese ship used by Columbus and many early explorers to discover the world.” The Nina is 65-feet-long and was built by hand, without power tools. It’s considered one of the most historically correct replicas ever built. The Pinta, slightly larger at 85-feet in length, was built in Brazil. The Pinta is 15 feet longer and 6 feet wider than the original. One of the fascinating things about these boats is that they only require water 7 feet deep, which is partly how they can navigate rivers.

OMG! Based on the above information, the replica of the Pinta is actually larger than the original vessel! We decided not to tour them, after all. Instead, I took this photo from the parking lot of the police station across from where they were parked. Parked? How about moored? Docked?

From there, we went around the corner to Washington Park which is right on the shore. Boy, were we in for a lovely treat! Lake Michigan is absolutely beautiful! I know this is a lake, but it really does look like the ocean. You can’t even see the other side! Now, I know some of you are probably laughing at me about now, but for a lake to look like the ocean is something to behold! Unlike the Gulf Coast, Lake Michigan has clear water, no sharks, jellyfish, or seaweed! I’m sure it’s the time of year, but this place was practically deserted… and so very clean!

Someone mentioned to us upon our arrival that the sweeper had just come by. The what? Sweeper? A few minutes later, here come da sweepa.

Beach sweeper "beach combing"!

Beach sweeper “beach combing”!

It is actually a tractor with an attachment on the back that rakes up anything on the beach, filters the sand, dumps any debris in a trash bin, and leaves the sand with a pretty ‘just brushed’ look.

Here are some photos of what we experienced today. Nice!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Craig had done some research before we left on what to do in the area. Well, there is a casino… just around the corner. So, we pressed our luck (what luck?) and decided to visit. We walked in and walked around before deciding what to do. It is a fairly small casino, but big enough to make us think… heck, why not! So, I sat down at a stupid slot machine (I know, I know!), slid in a $50 bill, and voila! Lost it all. That’s it. I can’t do this. I immediately got up and looked for Craig. Where’s Craig???

There he is!

There he is!

He always seems to do quite well at the craps table. Uh, fairly well. Let me clarify. He usually does well enough to earn back the money I lose on the slots. So, after playing for another 45 minutes or so, we decided to blow the joint. We cashed in and, luckily, we walked out only $7.00 lighter… between the two of us, of course. Look at it this way. This entire outing was a lot less expensive than going to a movie!

As we were leaving Michigan City, it was sad to see so many grand mansions (in the day) deserted and in various states of disrepair. So heartbreaking to think of the historical secrets held tightly within the walls of these magnificent structures, and the stories they could tell. Can’t someone breathe a little life back into them?

It was a very nice day, we enjoyed ourselves immensely, and was blessed with new experiences to record in our book of life! Next time, we should take a picnic lunch!

Before I go, I would like to acknowledge someone who was very special in my life and whose memory I still cling to.  My dear father, Joe.

In memory of my father...

In loving memory of my father…

Today would have been my dear father’s 88th birthday.  Never did I imagine, just 5 short years after his passing, that I would be where I am today.  He would be proud, I know.  Mighty proud.  I miss you, daddy, and think of you often.  I feel you smiling down upon me always. Thank you for the memories, dad.  Until we meet again.  I LOVE YOU!!!

Until next time, may God bless and keep you all, for each day… each memory… is a gift from God!

4 thoughts on “Just holding on…

  1. What a wonderful blog. So enjoy being able to follow you on your journey in life, and what a journey. The tribute about your Dad was nice also. Keep up the good work Honey.

    Love to both,


  2. What beautiful thoughts of your dad! No doubt he’s proud! It’s nice to bop around and discover little gems in places you’d otherwise not look. I know you’re itching to get going. It’ll come! (see you in a week!)

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