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Catching cabin fever in Elkhart, IN…


Sunday, August 31, 2014
Today is a blue day. Not what you think, though! It is a blueberry kind of day. We drove to Plymouth, IN about an hour or so away to attend the annual Marshall County Blueberry Festival.
20140831_154658It is a HUGE thing up here! Blueberry this and blueberry that… all kinds of blueberry treats. We heard the blueberry donuts were to die for, so because our new life is just beginning we passed on the donuts! Instead, we did find some soft-serve blueberry ice cream “they said” was pretty much sugar-free. Only the blueberries they used in the recipe were sweetened. Well, we indulged and we are still alive to say it was the best dad-gum ice cream we have ever eaten! (Sorry, BlueBell!) Oh, my, I can still taste it. Just wish I could have spent more time savoring the flavor, but it was hot outside and, well, you know what happens when heat and ice cream mix. Not pretty! So, we slurped our ice cream down as fast as we could and created another memory!

How sweeeet!

How sweeeet!











Walking statue... These guys creep me out! They are all over the place in Spain. Was surprised to see one at the festival.

Walking statue… These guys creep me out! They are all over the place in Spain. Was surprised to see one at the festival.













As far as parking is concerned, we got lucky. It cost only $8.00 to park at the high school and that included the shuttle to the festival.
20140831_153745And, because of our “big truck”, we were able to park at the very front “in the corner” so we could fit more easily! So, for all of you out there who are concerned that parking a big truck with big hips is a hassle, it does have its advantages!

Others, however, wanted to park closer and pay only $5.00. Not sure why because parking for us and using the shuttle was effortless. Everyone in the surrounding neighborhoods opened up their front yards for parking. 20140831_184734At $5.00 a car, for four festival days, with festival-goers coming and going all day and into the evening, people in these neighborhoods, I would say, had a pretty good windfall! The scene looked like it had been raining cars.

There was going to be a huge fireworks display at dark, but we were too hot and tired to stay. We left about 7:00 and took the long way home. Every route we have taken, thus far, has had its compensation. Nice views from the road. Thank you, Plymouth, for another great day and a wonderful experience!

Saturday, August 30, 2014
Well, here we sit. In Elkhart. In the same hotel room we checked in to over two weeks ago. I am absolutely loving the freedom of doing nothing! And catching up on much needed rest/sleep. Craig, on the other hand, is bored. Restless. And getting cabin fever. The hotel is full because of the Rice/Notre Dame football game this afternoon.

As we were sitting outside having our morning coffee, a math teacher from Canada stopped to chat. During the conversation he mentioned he happened to have two extra tickets to the Notre Dame/Rice football game. Craig jumped on them. (This is what cabin fever will do to ya!) They were originally $70.00 tickets (each), but Craig offered $50.00 (each). Sold. (What happened to the days of $.50 football tickets???) Ah, heck, that was the quick demise of a crisp $100 bill. So, we get ready and head to South Bend… home of Notre Dame. We have a date… Craig is taking me out to the ball game!

We arrive at Notre Dame, without incident…

Main Building (Gold Dome); Built in 1879

Main Building (Gold Dome); Built in 1879












… and just in time to see the “Player Walk”.

20140830_13183320140830_13181420140830_131758This has been a tradition since 1931 when the team walks from “the Gug” (Guglielmino Athletics Complex) to the Hesburgh Library, proceeding south toward the Stadium, and entering the house that Rockne built through the tunnel gates. Rockne (Knute Rockne) was the head coach who played a key role in the design of the new stadium that opened in 1930, replacing the previous Cartier field. Thousands of fans (and non-fans) lined the designated “walk” to cheer (or not cheer) the players as they passed by.

Shortly thereafter, someone struck up the band!
20140830_132220 The band gathered on the steps in front of the Main Building and played a couple of patriotic pieces, as well as their “fight song”.
20140830_141318During our stroll around the campus, we visited the Cathedral…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

… and the Grotto.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are photos of and inside the Administration Building.

Administration Building

Administration Building

Ceiling in Administration Building

Ceiling in Administration Building


Ceiling – Different Angle












And, the library…



Afterward, we headed to the stadium. Of course, we were on the total opposite corner of where we needed to be. So, off we go, getting much needed exercise. We finally made it to our gate. What we did not know was that we were not yet finished with our exercise! We still had 52 (that’s right, FIFTY-TWO) steps to climb to get to our seats. The good news? We made it without incident or having to call 9-1-1! Luckily, we had the 3rd and 4th seats from the isle. We flopped down on the hard wood in the hot sun and were having an absolutely wonderful time chatting with fans around us.  Well, Notre Dame fans.  Things started gearing up and before we knew it, it was kick-off!

The guy holding that flag could run like the dickens. He had to be bionic!

The guy holding that flag could run like the dickens. He had to be bionic!


Notre Dame Band












In no time at all, the Fighting Irish made the first touchdown. However, HOWEVER (stick with me here…) Rice came back and made their first touchdown. Great! Rice was on a roll and lookin’ good. Shortly thereafter, Craig leaned over and whispered in my ear, “We can leave any time you are ready.” What????? Are you kidding me????? You have cabin fever, remember!!! Here we are, in this stadium, sitting on hard benches, squeezed in like freeze-dried sardines baking in the hot sun… we just got here and you are ready to leave? I responded, “No way! You have cabin fever, remember!” Of course, I was just kidding. Shortly thereafter we left the stadium. On our way out we heard the crowd cheering like ain’t nobody’s business. No, they were not happy to see us leave. Notre Dame had just scored again. And they would score again and again. Final score: 17 / 48 – Notre Dame. I don’t believe Rice has ever beaten Notre Dame. Question of the day: Does Notre Dame’s entire football team have better than a 4.0 grade average? I rest my case.
Over all, we had another wonderful day and truly enjoyed ourselves!

Our very first selfie! Not bad, even if I  say so myself!

Our very first selfie!
Not bad, even if I say so myself!

We continue to wait on our new home… a Lifestyle Luxury 38RS fifth wheel.  Prayers that we will be able to pick her up and move in THIS WEEK are certainly welcomed.  Because we currently remain in a holding pattern, notice is hereby given that I will not be updating my blog until she is delivered to us.  Besides, I have just about used up all of my allotted data!

Until next time, may God bless and keep you!

7 thoughts on “Catching cabin fever in Elkhart, IN…

  1. That’s a GREAT selfie!!! Hope you get some news soon!!!

  2. That’s a gorgeous picture of you two! You should frame it and put it in the new rig! Glad you got out. Your day is almost here! See you in a couple of weeks!

    • Why, thank you little Ms. Momma who has 3 kids out of college and doesn’t look a day over 18 and is beautiful, to boot! It’s hard for me to comprehend that you don’t look any older than your children! You go girl! See you soon.

  3. Well, actually 4 kids, but who’s counting (blush). Can’t wait to see pictures of… does she have a name yet??? – the trailer –

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