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Happy Anniversary to Us…


Today is not actually our anniversary, but yesterday was. Twenty-one years and counting! Before we left home, my sweet mom sent a card with us to be opened on our anniversary. So, we stuck to the rule and opened it on our special day. In it was a very sweet and loving card… and a little extra. So, even though we were tired and Craig had not been feeling all that great yesterday, we took ourselves out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. As we dined, we talked about “our day” 21 years ago and what we remembered of it. It was fun to reminisce, and especially scary to “fast forward” to present day. Oh, my! Well, the good news is that we remember a lot! It turned out to be a very good day, and we enjoyed our dinner together.

This morning Craig quietly slipped out of our hotel room and ‘let’ me sleep late. Wow! I am getting really good at this!! I slept until 9:00. This tells me that our bodies and minds (mine, anyway) are finally slowing down long enough to be able to rest… and sleep… and catch up after several years of chaos, timelines, and responsibility. That is all non-existent now. Praise God! I sleep late, and Craig catches cat naps later in the day. I need a little more practice before I can grab one of those!

We finally got moving around 11:30A. We wanted to go to check on the status of our RV furniture that is being built by the Amish in Shipshewana, IN. We love that place! The factory was much easier to find today than it was in May…
20140822_135742 (2)… and it was bustling with the Amish!
20140822_132338 (2) 20140822_132503 (2) 20140822_132745And, of course, the view is also quite nice!
20140822_140208 20140822_140120We originally obtained a quote on our RV furniture when we were up here in May and I called in the order a few weeks ago so they could get started. When we arrived today and saw (again) what we had ordered, I was Happy! Happy!! Happy!!! The love seat (below) is the actual color we are getting, as well as the same design. The only difference is that we are getting a 73” sofa instead of a loveseat. Both ends of the sofa are wall-away recliners and, oh, it is sooooooo soft and comfy… not to mention the craftsmanship is superb!!!
20140822_135039Because it had been such a long time since we were here, my mind started playing tricks on me and I became concerned that I had ordered the somewhat darker color. Luckily, that turned out not to be the case. These are chairs like the ones we ordered, but with the darker color we did not get! These chairs are swivel wall-away recliners.
20140822_135104Notice the little table between the chairs. The Amish make these at the same place. We were told by Vernon today that they sell them practically faster than they can make them. These tables are very versatile. The solid surface is convenient for drinks, the lid lifts up for storing the remote, and the front opens for storage. They come in 3 different widths… 8”, 10”, and 12”. These tables are a “must have” in an RV as space is limited, you know! More will go into production soon and Vernon expects about 80 additional pieces to be finished in a couple of weeks. We will still be here then and we hope a couple in the darker stain will be available when we stop by their factory to have our furniture installed.

Back at the hotel now and thinking about family and friends back home, and all the new friends we have met since we began this journey. How blessed we are!!!

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us…

  1. Love the furniture Jo! It does look so comfy! Either color is pretty. I can’t wait to see it in your new place. Yes, funny that sleeping thing. You get all the rest you need. Happy Anniversary!!

    • Thanks, Deb! We are finally starting to really enjoy ourselves and I can tell that the stress is slowly fading! And the furniture… it is sooo very comfortable. Can’t wait to get moved in and snuggle up. The time is almost here!!

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