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Just lookin’ for a home…


Time flies. I just knew it had been 2 days since I last posted, but I just realized it has actually been four! Guess we’ve been “busier” than I thought!

Yesterday Craig and I felt halfway energetic so we set out on a mission. We thought it would be a good idea to see if we could find a little cabin in the woods and on a lake somewhere. He wanted to wet a hook. I wanted to sleep. There are lakes all over the place up here, but finding a cabin is more difficult than we had ever imaged. We have only found one that comes furnished with linens, and we need linens. Ours are stored away in our U-Haul and there is no way we are going to dig them out. We drove up into Sturgis, Michigan…

…and around in circles at least 3 times through Elkhart, Shipshewana, and Middlebury looking for a cabin. We finally settled on a cabin in the Shipshewana North Campground. We reserved eight nights… starting tonight. Well, it wasn’t until after we left that Craig realized that the cabins only have church pews as seating, and that wasn’t going to work! So, we called them within the hour and cancelled. Here I sit, in the hotel room, having been defeated.

Talk about defeated… Can anyone just guess how difficult it is to find a recliner up here? You know, like one of those zero gravity recliners? We have been to Wal-Mart; Sam’s; Dick’s Sporting Goods; Bed, Bath and Beyond; Lunker’s; and, Farm King (America’s Farm and Home Store) in Michigan. No luck whatsoever. Oh, but we did buy Craig a couple of long-sleeve khaki-type farmer shirts for the winter at the farm store at a great price. So, I suppose all was not lost!

We have seen some gorgeous countryside while on our wild goose chase.

If it is not a corn or soybean field, it is heavily wooded up here and people live in pockets in the woods, for the most part. Even though the woodsy scenery could call for an au natural setting, I noticed the majority of the lawns are well manicured with plenty of flora. I suppose because of the cooler weather they need not worry about their vegetation burning up. And, we have never seen so many golf courses in our entire lives! This place could easily be called “Land of 1,000 Golf Courses”. Then again, maybe it is! And we realized there are few apartment buildings, but quite a number of senior living facilities.

During our search for a place to stay other than this hotel, Potato Creek State Park kept coming up. So, we decided to go there and check it out. I must say, this is the NUMBER ONE PLACE we have visited over the past several days that resembles a state park! Here are a few photos.

And then we spotted an eagles nest.  If you look closely to the left of the nest, you can see the eagle sitting on the limb to the left.  That will give you some perspective as to how large the nest is!


Everyone is curious about the delivery of our RV. We received word this afternoon from Chris Grathen (our rep at the factory) that Unit 646 has returned to the factory from paint. Our baby girl is Unit 648 and should return “SOON”! Once all of the final touches are accomplished at the factory she goes to the dealer. Uh, think about this… We do our walk-through (Pre-Delivery Inspection “PDI”), move in, and spend the night in the dealership parking lot for a couple of nights… look at your calendar! THAT WILL BE LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Does anyone in their right mind think we can get a last minute reservation anywhere on LABOR DAY WEEKEND??? Well, this is why ‘they’ say an RVers plans are always made in jello! Not sure what we are going to do. Maybe beg and plead with the dealership to let us stay on their lot a couple more days? It is what it is and we will have no choice but to figure something out.

So, here we sit… and wait. We’ll be just fine. Tomorrow is another day!

4 thoughts on “Just lookin’ for a home…

  1. You may be surprised to find that people will cancel last minute for holidays. We got lucky and got a last minute cancellation in a county park in Minneapolis for Labor Day weekend. And it’s one of the best spots at that! I’ll be nearby you can find something. Sure wouldn’t be the worst thing to spend your first night in a Walmart, but wouldn’t be the worst either! Bummer you couldn’t find a cabin. Enjoy these days, they will go fast! Make sure you take lots of pictures of your new home, I can’t wait to see it!

    • Deb, I got an email from Bill & Linda. They were laughing at and with us. It’s a little freaky for us. We would feel better if we could plan ahead but, in our case, we cannot. That’s the scary part! We shall see what happens. Stay tuned! LOL!!

  2. Debs right about last minute cancellations and there’s always Wally World. Took a look at some pics online of your rig…nice love the cabinetry. So happy for you honey and no matter how stressful it is remember I would change places with you in a second 🙂

    • Thank you, Trace! I know you would trade places and I wish I could. My heart breaks for you and Lee because you are such awesome folks. I wish you all things good and just keep reminding yourselves that there is a reason and purpose for everything! Miss you!

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