This moment in time…

A journal of our travels and how we arrived at this moment in time!

We have arrived…


20140815_180129Yesterday we awoke in a Holiday Inn & Suites in Springfield, MO. The moment we exited the front door we were ecstatic as the temperature was a mere 70°! Sure beats 106° with 100% humidity. We chose to forego breakfast because we had a lot of miles to cover. We needed to be in Springfield, IL to pick up a couple of AGM batteries for our new home before they closed. Our box of snacks is what we ‘survived’ on until dinner.

Today, I experienced something for the very first time… the arch in St. Louis! Well, it was only because we missed our turn that I got this close-up. I suppose it turned out on a positive note or I would only have been able to see it from afar.

20140815_112904To explain further, we missed our exit in St. Louis because the voice of Lil’ Miss GPS drives Craig absolutely insane! And, he says he is trying to “train” me to pay attention. I understand wanting to “train” me because I am the worlds worse navigator, but he is going to need a navigator as we travel and, well, that be me! But, when I’m driving, I can’t watch the road, watch the GPS, and do everything at once and at the last minute. That’s why I prefer the assistance of Lil’ Miss GPS! So, let’s look at the bright side (for a change). I suppose we’ll just continue to leave the voice of Lil’ Miss GPS off, continue missing our exits from time-to-time, and see things we would have not otherwise had a chance to see. Issue resolved!

As we drove through Missouri, we saw mile after mile after mile of corn and soybean crops. I was driving or I would have taken photos, but I have never seen crops like this. They were as far as the eye could see and the corn was as high as an elephant’s eye. Really! I had to chuckle when I would look out over the top of the corn crops only to see the roof of a farmhouse rising above the corn. It looked as though the roof was literally sitting on the corn. Now, I know some of you are laughing, but I am told I have led a very sheltered life! My history of “travel” has been on cruise ships, not land yachts. LOL!

We made the trip to Springfield, IL with no issues whatsoever, loaded up our batteries and continued on. As we reached Gary, IN we were caught up in rush hour traffic and it was 7:00PM! We had been warned by a dear friend, but had no choice. Craig was driving and did very well, I might add, keeping his composure. Not sure where traffic is worse… Los Angeles, Houston, or Gary, IN!!

20140815_181314By the time we cleared rush hour, it was 8:00P. Continuing along 80 we encountered another slow down just 30 minutes later. Well, it was actually a long line of non-moving traffic and there was no turning back as we were on a toll road. I asked a trucker next to us what had happened. He said there was an accident up ahead. At 8:40 we could see a helicopter lifting off. We guessed it was probably LifeFlight. It was not until 9:22 that we were finally on our way. I will not post the photo of the 18-wheeler, but it had crossed the median and literally climbed the steep hill on our side of the road. Unbelievable, but it appeared to have missed other vehicles. Needless to say, we did not arrive at our hotel until 10:00PM local time. We felt pretty good considering we had been on the road for 13 hours!

This morning, Craig brought me coffee (as he usually does!) and told me that Tiara RV is right across the street. Lo and behold, that is who we purchased our new home from and where we will be picking it up. We had no idea last night where we were or where we needed to be in relation to Tiara, but we’re in the right place! (Another God wink!) After a second cup of coffee, we went over and introduced ourselves and visited with Deb, the saleslady who we purchased our new home from. Tiara has been very accommodating and has allowed us to park our U-Haul next to one of their buildings until our RV is ready to move into… probably this week! Craig and I decided it was too much work to unload the trailer just so we could turn it in on time. Instead, our plans are to pay the silly $20/day extra to “store” our worldly goods in it so we don’t have to move everything twice more! Uh-duh!!!

After lunch at Cracker Barrel (across the street) and washing clothes (across the hall), we have settled into our room and will wait patiently on word about our new home. We should know something on Monday. Until then, we will just relax and try to catch up on some much needed rest!

4 thoughts on “We have arrived…

  1. It is such a crazy, exhausting, exciting time isn’t it?! Enjoy every moment of it. It’s almost like the birth of a baby! You get a couple extra days so get some sleep and enjoy the heck out of them!! ps, go buy a little something new for your new house. A rug, a frame a pillow, whatever. Will you be staying right in that area until the rally? Don’t fret about missing the exit. That will probably happen more than you think in the future 😉 We’ve paid a bit extra to get on/off those darn tollroads in the past! Just part of the adventure. We’ll be seeing you soon!

  2. Deb, it is difficult to change a lifetime of fretting (wanting to get it ‘right’ the first time), but I am certainly working hard on it. Giving it my best shot, anyway. “They” say that having duct tape in the RV is a must. The width should fit my mouth perfectly! We may or may not go to PA before the rally to have our solar installed. We routed it this morning and that’s a lot of driving, considering we’re newbies. We shall see, and we shall see you soon!

  3. I’m so glad that you’re in Elkhart — but then again —- it’s not the most exciting city to be in! Have you counted the number of trains that go by in an hour yet? I’m sorry I don’t know of any cabins to go to. Bless your heart– I hope you have a book to read. Praying for you

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