This moment in time…

A journal of our travels and how we arrived at this moment in time!

This moment in time – A new chapter begins…


Well, it’s finally here. After three years of dreaming, and many trials and tribulations, we are finally on the road! First and foremost, we praise our Heavenly Father for His faithfulness and blessing us abundantly with the opportunity to travel and explore this great land He has made. Thank you, Jesus!

To bring you up to date, after closing on our house on July 7, we moved in with my sister, Kathy. We have “lived” with her for the past 5+ weeks. I said to her this morning before we left, “Thank goodness I’m not an only child! Where would we have stayed if I didn’t have at least one sibling?” LOL! We would have made due, but it was nice spending time with her. The only down side is that she has grown accustomed to us being there, and vice versa. Well, life goes on and so must we. Thank you, sis, for your hospitality… and love… and support. Take good care of yourself!

After church this past Sunday my dear sweet mother gave us a farewell party. Many family members and friends attended and we are so grateful to have so many there. It meant a lot to us and it was great to see everyone again. Thanks to everyone who traveled for hours to be with us! I want to give a special shout-out to my cousin, Ricky, who blew an engine on his way down from San Antonio. Luckily, if you can call it that, he was not far from town when it happened, so Craig went to pick him up. The good news is he got a job offer while here. BUT, before he could go back home he had to buy a new car. I hope he checked with his wife about the color choice, or else… LOL! Good luck, Ricky-Ticky-Tavvy, with your new job! I certainly hope you didn’t leave a trail of oil behind on your return.

As you may or may not know, we are headed north to Elkhart, IN to pick up our brand new home on wheels and begin a new chapter in our lives. We are having a brand new fifth wheel built and I am guessing it is in the paint shop by now. It is a 2015 Lifestyle Luxury LS38RS, for those who may want to Google it for more information and pictures. We have been searching and researching for three years and we feel extremely comfortable with our choice. We have been told by many veteran RVers that the Lifestyle is one of the ‘top’ quality-built RVs. That’s nice! Just can’t wait to get moved in and settled into a routine. I’m so tired of living out of suitcases I could spit! We have been out of our element since the end of May and need some sense of “normalcy”.  And moving is not one of my favorite things, especially when you factor in the heat index! That is why I despise stuff; hence, the reason ALL of our worldly belongings now fit nicely in the 12’ X 6’ U-Haul trailer we are dragging behind us. Feels good!

Today is a momentous occasion, I might add! Not only are we starting the next chapter in our lives, but today is my BIRTHDAY!!! While I am certainly grateful for every birthday, I usually don’t get too excited about them. However, today is a double whammy… celebrating my special day AND starting our new adventure. Just the way I wanted it to happen. And here we are… finally!!

Wrapping up, Craig pulled off a nice surprise.  He just told me that he planned an overnight stay for us at Winstar Casino in Oklahoma! Whew-hoooo!!! We recently visited the casino with some friends and did so well that Craig wanted to go back. Since our last visit we (you know the routine) received a flyer in the mail inviting us back… on the house! Well, the dates were not conducive to our travels, but Craig called, anyway, and told them we will be passing through and it was my birthday. No problem, they said.  Come on down! So, wish us luck! Will luck strike twice? I’ll let you know next time. (I might mention that Craig doesn’t get many chances to surprise me, but this time he actually pulled it off. Oftentimes my ESP kicks in and I can just figure things out… too easily. Shhhhhh… Don’t tell him, but I had kinda figured it out already.)

So, folks, stay tuned and stick with us as our new adventure begins. It should be exciting!!!

3 thoughts on “This moment in time – A new chapter begins…

  1. Yeah!! I was just thinking of you this morning and wondering how your Escape Day went. It was so nice to talk to you the other day. I hope you had a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and that you both had a great time at the casino!

    • Our day went very well, Deb. Thanks for asking. Everything is, so far, so good! And I enjoyed chatting with you, as well. My birthday was very nice and we enjoyed ourselves. Can’t wait to see you and Steve at the rally in just 4 short weeks! Safe travels, and keep in touch!

  2. Happy belated and congratulations!!!

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