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Making hay while the sun shines!


A lot of us have suffered bad weather over the past several weeks… hail, tornados, torrential rain, flooding, etc. We are, of course, thankful for decent weather over the past few days because we have a lot to do before we close on our house. Well, not as much as we had a week or two ago.  I can certainly say it hasn’t been dull around here! I’m beginning to feel like a worker bee who never quits. Or is that the Energizer bunny? I’m sure Craig can second that emotion!

Talking about worker bees, it felt like we were living in a beehive yesterday with all of the buzzing around. As we prepare for the sale of our house, there are many cosmetic things a house needs as it ages. Can we relate? Can I get an A-MEN? 🙂 Here is a sampling of what yesterday looked like.

We are in countdown mode. The 10-day option period expires in 5 days and it seems things are going quite well. The inspector is scheduled to be here Friday evening from 5:00 – 8:00. Working that late, you know they have to be busy! Lucky for us, the buyers live in Atlanta so we don’t have to leave home. That’s good, but I had to coach Craig that he can’t strike up conversation with this guy or follow him around or ask any questions because, after all, the inspector is working for the buyers!

Curious as it seems, I find I am not anxious, or nervous, or anything! I know that we are blessed and He is looking out for us. It seems things are falling into place just as they should and nice surprises are happening right before our very eyes… like getting a contract in less than 72 hours! Another example… we lost a seal in two of our windows so I called the company who installed them when we built the house. Even though the windows were 2 months out of warranty, they are replacing both of them at no charge, but with only an $85.00 service fee. I was expecting to pay upward of $400.00.

As I may have mentioned previously, there are some “upgrades” our realtor suggested we make in order to bring in a higher level buyer. Before we were anywhere close to getting serious about what needed to be done, we had a contract! Regardless of how easily that happened (another blessing), we are holding true to our word and are in the process of getting those things done. One of the things we need to do is replace our roman tub faucet/hand-held shower combination as well as the two faucets on the vanity, all in the master bathroom. Has anyone ever priced these things? Sheesh! We couldn’t find a roman tub 5-piece faucet for less than $543.00, and good luck finding the faucets to match and in stock! Based on what we were finding, we could have easily spent $1,000.00 or more! Well, lo and behold, today I found all of the above online for only $478.00. And everything matched! I placed the order immediately before they were sold out, and they should arrive sometime next week. OK. Yet, another blessing from heaven! This is how things have been going so, no, I am not anxious, or nervous, or anything! Everything will happen in due time… in His perfect timing!

I will sign off for now. It’s late and tomorrow is another day. I hope to have pictures of a completed garage in the very near future. You’ll be shocked! Until we meet again, may God bless!


3 thoughts on “Making hay while the sun shines!

  1. Amazing, Everything looks great. No wonder it sold so quickly!

  2. Hi Jo! So when do you close and head out fulltime? We’ve been out since June 28th, but are back home, today, for about a week to finish up some last minute (a-hole neighbor) problem. Then we’ll catch back up to our path in Montana!

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