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A journal of our travels and how we arrived at this moment in time!

Sunday, a day of rest…


I want to begin by apologizing to my family, friends, and fans for not updating my blog lately. Life has been a whirlwind for us, lately, so I hope you will forgive me. There’s nothing like being caught up in a vortex! By the way… is it June already? We just put away our Christmas tree last week! 🙂

Where to begin… Well, since you haven’t heard from me in while you have probably already figured out that Craig and I have been SUPER busy. We really have, but it’s not all bad. Two solid weeks later we continue to plow away… at the garage! Craig’s garage, not mine! I can’t lay claim to all that crap. I am just grateful for my parking space. If any crap had ever found itself in my parking space, I would have run over it. Simple as that! Unfortunately, my car has spent many a lonely night out in the driveway as of late. Why? Because I can’t fit her in the garage! Under the circumstances, however, I spared Craig’s crap (nice ring) because he has been working so very hard at clearing it out. Well, we have. I can’t tell you how often I have asked myself, “Why am I helping him? Shouldn’t his punishment be to clean it out himself?” Well, I’m helping because I love my man and I know how very excited he is to get this show on the road. I am, too, so it takes two. That’s reality. Here’s proof of our progress!



...and now!

…and now!













Yesterday was also a full day. First, our very good neighbor, Richard, offered to buy several items in the garage. Everything from Rubbermaid storage cabinets to a brand new (yes, brand new) table saw, to a generator… and various items in-between. Early in the morning the transfer of items began. Back and forth Richard and Craig went. At one point, I looked out the office window and there goes Richard’s truck, with the back full, and Craig sitting on the tailgate holding on to the generator while pulling it down the street. I thought, “How smart!” Right away I thought that would have made an awesome picture for my blog, but it was too late. Oh, well. Boys. But, I did get a photo of Richard and Craig loading the truck. Or was Richard giving Craig a pep talk, trying to reassure him that all of this really was worth it? Trying to convince him, maybe, that everything really was going to be just fine? You be the judge!

That's it.  Talk it out.

That’s it. Talk it out.


Thank you Richard and Carolyn for being such good shoppers and helping to make it possible for us to get outta here that much sooner! And thank you, too, for being such good neighbors. We will certainly miss you!

Later in the day my cousin, Dwayne, his wife, Rhonda, and their son, Quentin, came by to load up their new treasures.


Did someone say we were leaving on a trip, or did we just acquire this?

Did someone say we were leaving on a trip, or did we just acquire this stuff?

Dwayne is an attorney, so he and Rhonda are setting up a home office. Perfect, because we had plenty of office furniture to donate to such a good cause. Things got off to a slow start, but eventually Rhonda and I made the tour around the house and, you guessed it, they filled up their U-Haul. While our stuff is going quickly, there’s still some stuff that needs to go. First come, first served, so they got a truck and drove over an hour to get here. They even took an ‘almost new’ rocker recliner for my Aunt Linda. (We hope you enjoy it, and think of us often, Aunt NiNi!) Beautiful family!

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Happy, Happy, Happy!

And Craig’s last good-bye…




Thursday, May 22, 2014

Backing up… Well, I am hesitant to share this with you for fear of screwing things up, but I have some great news I just need to share… WE HAVE A CONTRACT ON OUR HOUSE! It was just meant to be. Everything in God’s perfect timing! WOW! Are we blessed, or what? Here’s what happened:

A little over a week ago we were hard at work in the garage. We were dirty and sweaty by 10:00 in the morning and out of the clear blue Craig said, “Why don’t you call Mike and get him over here? I’m tired of this!” (Mike is our realtor.) So, I got on the phone and Mike was here by 11:30. Two hours later, he left. Three hours after that, we had our first showing scheduled for the next day, Friday. That guy fell in love with our house, but he was concerned about his drive to work. O.K. Fine. Well, Craig and I continued on, doing what had to be done. The thought of us getting closer to freedom (one day at a time) and hitting the open road kept crossing our minds and is, to this day, what continues to keep us going.

Late Friday, and after the first showing, we signed a contract with Mike to sell our house. Fast forward a tad. On Monday morning, Memorial Day, Mike called. A second showing was scheduled at 3:00. Oh, my… WHAT? Today? You see, the weather was the pits. It was storming outside and tornado warnings were all over the area. Regardless, we had to leave the premises. So, off we go off into the storm. Geez, it was awful. We make our way to Sonic to get some onion rings and a drink where we were going to sit for a while and eat our comfort food. However, we were concerned about the rising waters so we scurried back to the house as fast as possible. It was around an hour later when we came down the street and there were cars still parked in our driveway! OHHHHHH… this is good news! So, we backed into our neighbor’s driveway where we could see any action and waited… and waited… and waited. Finally, we saw signs of life on our front porch. Once our visitors left, we gave them time to mozy on down the street before we pulled into our driveway. All the while, now, it is pouring rain! Our realtor graciously opened the garage door for us and we entered. We commented, “Those people sure were here a long time.” He replied, “Well, your house is sold!” YEEEAAHHHHHH! We were literally in shock! Mike is pretty much a jokster, but this time he was serious. I was in total disbelief! AND, long story short, it sold for much more than we could have ever imagined! The sales contract has been finalized and our 10-day option period has already begun. Once we hit the 10 day mark, we are pretty much home free! God is good! Keep in mind… from the time we signed the contract for Mike to sell our house and the time we received word these people wanted our house, it was less than 72 hours! AND, our house was never even listed nor was even one photo ever taken! Now, if this doesn’t scream blessings from Heaven, nothing does!


Could the view have had anything to do with it? Just maybe?

While we still have some already promised work to do on the house, Mike is in charge of getting it all done. He knows we are brain dead and it is still difficult for us to make decisions. (We need more rest!) Additionally, the buyers are going to have the front porch tiled, and hard wood flooring installed in the office, formal dining, and master bedroom on the buyer’s own dime… before closing! Now, that’s serious! Finally, we are hoping to close on Monday, June 30, giving us a final weekend to finish things up. But, wait! What does that matter? We are retired!!!  Please keep us in your prayers!

Mike offered to pay for power washing our patios, driveway, walkways, etc. So, Justin is here now doing that, and doing a great job I might add. Nice kid!

Looking good!

Looking good!

Let the countdown begin.  Hoping and praying all good things happen.  Stay tuned!

14 thoughts on “Sunday, a day of rest…

  1. We are also under contract closing June 27, then we will be living in the 5th wheel till the end of the year and retire.God is good!

    • Hi, John! I have no doubt you are excited about your upcoming closing AND retirement. I can describe retirement in one word… FREEDOM! Good luck with everything and let me know how it all goes!

  2. Jo we’re so excited for you and Craig! That’s the dream listing/selling!!!! Can’t get any better! So when do you get your trailer? Will it be ready by end of June? We list in a few days. Sounds like things are going just wonderfully!!

    • Hi, Deb! Sorry I haven’t replied sooner. As you can tell, Craig and I are out of our minds crazy busy. If it wasn’t for his garage, life would not be so challenging right now. But, there is a silver lining… we are nearly finished! I’m hoping to finish it up before we burn out! It sounds like you and Steve are making great progress. Good luck with your impending listing and sale. I hope all goes well. As soon as we all get everything sold, let’s treat ourselves and go camping! 😉

      • We can’t wait. I burn out almost every day. Dead exhausted. Steve has many “garages”! I keep going to GoodWill and the dump, but it never ends 😦

      • Dearest Deb, I feel your pain. I know exactly what you are going through, so you are not alone. Trust me, one day (soon) you and Steve will wake up in your new home with a new lease on life. Keep going, girl. You can do this! 😉 I know you can… I KNOW YOU CAN!

  3. Wow! Your home sounds empty already!!!! Such a good feeling I’m sure. Our garbage man knows something is up— so much stuff on the curb. I have fun watching and checking if any “curb angels” have gotten anything. We should have our house up for sale next week. Tomorrow Tim has the day off — we’ll have sore muscle tomorrow night! Take care! Thinking about you and praying for strength.

    • We are certainly getting there, Becky! Craig still has a small pile of stuff that I organized for him this morning while he was out volunteering. Now, it’s an “organized” pile of stuff and the garage is looking fantabulous!!! I still have some things to do in the house, but not much. Just final decisions on what is going to go where. It’s final destination, if you know what I mean! As always, thank you for your prayers. They are most definitely being answered! Good luck to you and Tim. Can’t wait to catch up with you. Praising Him for His faithfulness!!!

  4. I am really really happy for you Jo…Give Craig a big hug from me and tell him he’s a good guy and you both deserve this!!

  5. Oh and I love the carved bear in your yard!!! I am a huge fan of bears as well. Super cool

  6. Trace, that is not actually my bear! I was delivering a plant to my neighbors who have been so gracious in helping us dispose of stuff! It is an awesome bear, though!

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