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Oh, my aching body!


Geez… I ache all over! I suppose that’s the price to be paid for sitting behind a desk practically all of my life, not to mention almost zilch activity while caregiving for so long. But, the silver lining is the fact that we are finally getting some exercise! How are we exercising, you ask? Well, how about being on our feet all day… for two days straight (so far), I might add… cleaning out the garage. Yep, we are still getting rid of all of our stuff.


Good riddance!  (The trash! NOT my Sweetheart!)

 And on a very positive note, Craig is the one cracking the whip this time, not me. But I am doing everything I can to keep the momentum going! 🙂

As we have been emptying the garage, I am amazed… just amazed at how much stuff people (including us) can gather. This is pure craziness! Why? Why does anyone need all this stuff and how can we possibly end up with this much CRAP? (Don’t laugh and don’t point fingers.  You are just as guilty!) Is it because when we need something we go buy it, and then buy in multiples just to save us a trip to the store the next time we might need the same item? Something else I was contemplating as I drug my poor ‘ol (I didn’t say “old”) aching body around is how much stuff we accept from others when they are giving it away. It’s human nature to say, “Oh, you’re going to throw that away? I can use it to fix something! I’ll be able to use this at some point in my life.” Lesson learned for us… the hard way! I believe everyone should consider fulltiming at some point in their life. If nothing else, so they can clear out their stuff! Make it easier to give away/sell/donate, etc., by just convincing yourself that you are paying it forward!

Have I already said how proud I am of Craig for letting go of his stuff? Well, if so, I’ll say it again! “I am so very proud of you, Sweetheart!” You see, collecting things and not letting go is… hereditary? Craig’s grandmother had a lot of stuff and his aunt had a TON of stuff which also consisted of some of his grandmother’s stuff and a lot of our stuff consisted of a lot of Craig’s grandmother’s stuff and a TON more of his aunt’s stuff. Get the picture? Maybe, just maybe, Craig thinks it’s “normal” to have so much stuff. Regardless, he has now drawn the line and bidding a fond farewell to the stuff that has held him captive for so much of his life.


Nice knowin’ ya!

And on a much brighter note, more progress is being made, but in a less physical way. We checked out tow vehicles yesterday.

Visiting a Ford dealership.

Visiting a Ford dealership.

My dear husband is a Ford man so we both test drove a 2014 F350 long bed dually.

Test Driver Numero Uno...

Test Driver Numero Uno…

You know who took this picture.  I'm missing!

You know who took this picture. I’m missing!


I was actually surprised at how well the F350s ride considering how heavy-duty they are! I was expecting much worse. This thing has all the bells and whistles one could imagine and I even experienced something new. I’ve never had cold air, well, shall we say… blowing up my… skirt? 🙂





Craig has recently been corresponding with the fleet manager at a different dealership; however, he is out this week.  Our plans are to meet up with him next week. We shall see what happens and will keep you posted.

Until we meet again, you know what we’ll be doing!

10 thoughts on “Oh, my aching body!

  1. I’ve yet to say … “I wish I had…”
    I don’t miss any of my “stuff/crap”
    In fact, I opened a cabinet yesterday and realized I haven’t used anything inside the cabinet yet.
    I’m looking forward to decluttering the new home in 6m/year.
    Enjoy the process!

    • Hi, Pam! Good to hear from you. I totally agree! This is the way I look at things… now. If we can live out of a suitcase for weeks at a time, then why do we need 88 light bulbs? Point made? 🙂 Please tell Red we say HELLO! Safe travels, and please keep in touch. Craig wants to go fishing… badly!

  2. First congrats, we are in the same stag you are in, purging. We have our truck (99) Freightliner with (2013) Montana 3700RL 5th wheel. We have a contract on the house , hoping all goes well. I will retire at the end of year. Big yard sale this weekend, I cannot believe we have so much stuff. It helps reading blogs like yours and so many others to know its normal. Attending the fall rally (2013) put on by Howard Payne of RV Dreams really helped. Keep up the good (hard) work their is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    John and Karla

    • Congrats, John, on the sale of your house! We hope to have ours listed in the very near future. And as far as retirement, there is nothing like it. In one word… FREEDOM! It will be here before you know it. All in His perfect timing! Good luck with everything.

  3. I’m so excited for you both on the purging. We’re still doing it too but seemed to be stalled 😦 Have you compared the 2014 to the 2015? We keep hearing about all the huge upgrades to the 2015. We should be purging this weekend, but we decided to take Hoss & The Ponderosa out for it’s first “real” camping. Only 50 miles or so away, but should be beautiful. Might still be a bit chilly as they did get a tiny bit of snow yesterday with a small, late storm.

    • Hi, Deb! So glad to “hear” from you! You sound so happy and relieved to have so many things behind you! I hope the graduation went well. While we all want this stuff to just disappear, it will happen in due time. We are not as gung-ho today as other things have us sidetracked, but the progress is incredible! I also have a place now in the garage to put all of my boxes that are stacked up in the sitting room (storage, sell, RV). So, we are getting there. Still dealing with finding a contractor for the townhouse. That is the worst part of all. Thank you for your comment(s) and enjoy your trip this weekend. You both certainly deserve it!!! Please send Steve our regards!!!

  4. Loved your take on getting rid of the stuff!!! And tell Craig I said good for him. Lee had a hard time to but we got through it. Love the way you write Jo I can hear your voice and see your smile!!!

    • Tracy, I am sooo sorry for not replying sooner. That tells you just how busy we have been! I am just about to post another update and I can’t wait for you to read it. It’s all good! I hope you and Lee are well, happy, and on your way. We need to catch up! Please tell Lee “Hello!” from us.

  5. Last day of purging, tomorrow the buyers have their walk through Friday is closing. A little bitter sweet the next 6 months will be spent in our 5th wheel a my daughters barn (mouch docking) till retirement. Just hang in there we too had a lot of stuff, good luck on your truck purchase.

  6. Hi, John! I haven’t updated in a while… just no time! Congrats on your closing. That is awesome. We close on July 7th. Even though I have never been a pack rat, it seems our stuff just keeps multiplying. We are making progress and have no choice but to “get there”. We picked up our new truck last Thursday and placed our order for the RV the same day. Now, THAT’S progress! We pick it up in Elkhart, IN in August. God has been so faithful… every time we turn around He’s there for us with another blessing. Truly amazing. Good luck and stay tuned!

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