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Well, to me, anyway!! I just discovered that after finishing up my very first blog ever and going really live with it yesterday I already have 244 249 hits!  How did that happen?  I don’t think I even know that many people!  And all the feedback I have received on the blog and otherwise has been awesome.  Really?  Thanks, everyone!!  I created a blog, mainly, so my dear mother can keep up with our travels once we hit the road.  I always accepted the fact that it may take me months to create a blog so I figured I better get started.  Apparently, it doesn’t take months… just hours I found out.  Many hours.  For a ‘mature’ person such as myself, not bad at all.  Now I’m forced into filling in the days until we actually hit the road.  In the meantime, I will do my very best to keep you up-to-date on our progress.

I awoke this morning (praise Him!), had my coffee, and opened my blog as I was contemplating what to post today.  After such a successful (to me) launch yesterday, my concern is… can I maintain the same level of enthusiasm for my readers (and my mom) that I stirred up with my first two posts?  Well, my last post was about our travels and catching up with where we are in this great adventure, but we are not traveling today… or tomorrow… or next week.  I guess you can say we are traveling from one end of the house to the other to the garage to the grocery to church…   But what about real adventurous travel that so many working people who are unable to travel yearn for?  Is this why they follow OPs blogs so they can travel vicariously through them?  Well, folks, we’re not traveling any time in the near future as far as we know.  Sorry.  Don’t mean to disappoint.

We have things to do, first.  Important things like get rid of our stuff so we can fly and be free.  Stuff can have a direct affect on one’s life and quality of life, depending on which stage of life you are in.  At this stage in our lives, we are making the conscious decision to live ours unencumbered!  Have you ever thought about it that way?  Over time, we dig ourselves into a rut and become robots for… who?  Corporate America.  That is what the “American dream” is all about.  Now, I’m not going off on a tangent because I really am not one “off in the toolies”; however, this is certainly something to think about.  We are taught that to be “successful” we must have a job so we can earn money to buy a house, raise our children, buy a nice vehicle to get us back and forth to work so we can earn more money to buy a bigger house, raise more children (and sometimes other people’s children ), buy a nicer or bigger vehicle… You know exactly what I mean.  O.K.  Fair enough.  But think about it.  We go to work to afford a house, children, vehicles, things, etc.  The more money earned, the more stuff is bought, the deeper in debt some get.  After a while, we are all “owned” by corporate America in some form, if we are even fortunate enough to have a job!  Translated, we are tied to our jobs.  We have no time to live, so to speak.  Only work.  And if we do have some time away from the office, we work then, too. You know who you are.  And you also know if you are guilty of interrupting others who have LEFT THE OFFICE to spend valuable time with their loved ones.  Just a fact.  Face it.

I had an epiphany recently.  Although I am recently retired, I could not name ONE PERSON  at that office who was actually happy.  Maybe they liked what they were doing to a certain extent, but I can’t say I found anyone who was actually happy at the place of business they go to nearly every day in exchange for a paycheck that goes toward the debt they have already incurred while buying a house, raising their children (or other people’s children), and buying fancy automobiles.  If you have been blessed not to have to work for someone else, you are still part of the corporate rat race because your time is money.   You are owned by your job.

Consider this:  “Working” and “Living” are two completely separate things.

Anyway, that is enough food for thought for today.  My point is not to get anyone stirred up or make this a controversial issue.  It was put out there simply for your consideration.  The bottom line is we are getting rid of our stuff so we can begin to live.  If only I had known then what I know now…

GUILTY of morphing into a working robot, but now ready to start LIVING!

We are blessed and hoping you are, too!

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